FluidHTML: A Markup Language That Generates Flash Content

“FluidHtml is a text-based markup language (like HTML) that lets you dynamically generate Flash  content. This is an extraordinarily powerful idea.  It means that anyone can build highly animated websites, ads, media players and 3D animations quickly and easily.”

FluidHTML looks to be an innovative concept and may address current issues related to Flash content on the web.  However, I believe web designers/developers who currently use HTML/CSS might find this much more attractive than Flash designers/developers.

I really like the concept of offering an extensible API and opening it up to developers, but is this going to be a viable markup language 5 years from now or is it just a phase.  As ActionScript libraries that support browser-like functionality improve and as Google and Yahoo’s search engine’s begin to recognize the text within Flash files, does FluidHTML really fix anything that isn’t already steadily improving.

I believe FluidHTML does have potential however, I am not sure if Flash designers/developers will buy into the concept.  Check out the introductory video below on FluidHTML.  I’d love to hear how you guys feel about FluidHTML after viewing the video.  Would you consider using it?

13 thoughts on “FluidHTML: A Markup Language That Generates Flash Content

  1. as far a understood video, this is basically IoC(simmiliar to spring as) just with HTML like API. this is interesting but definitely not new idea. 2 years ago (now narcism come to place) I started to develop simmiliar thing for company I worked for that time and I found already simmiliar ideas on net. It ment to speed up developement of simple flash content. however I stopped it on half way as I realized that without proper software support (integration with flex or even vs) this was actually increasing the amount of time needed as everything needed to be written in notepad like style. sure you have intellisense for html but you splitted your project to 2 parts (as and html) so I switched back to original way and finished it as http://code.google.com/p/beherit/ which is similiar to gaia but is used in flex enviroment but still in alpha. But I still think this whole idea has big potential but must be integrated and supported by her majesty adobe to be successful.

  2. I agree, Flash Developers won’t pick this up. I’m failing to see any advantage of this over creating a solid Flash app with appropriate HTML alternative content using the SWFAddress SEO solution.

  3. Thanks for pulling out the video here… I had been trying to research it yesterday, but the lack of documentation on details stymied me. Seeing how they speak tells me more about where they’re coming from.

    tx, jd/adobe

  4. I think Fluidhtml has great potential. I can imagine that in time more and more HTML-designers will (more often) consider Flash for (full) site design because they now won’t be forced to learn a complete new language and work flow. They just have to use the new tags. That combined with the fact that Flash output is cross-browser/platform has to be a great appeal to any HTML designer.

    The benefits mentioned in the video, deeplinking and SEO friendliness, are of course not exclusive to Fluidhtml but are already available to any Flash site already using e.g. SWFAddress and SWFObject. But although every Flash designer already knows that, the average HTML-designer still thinks that’s one of the downsides of Flash sites. I think solutions like Fluidhtml could break through this outdated thinking.

    So I think it’s a great opportunity to get Flash more accepted in the HTML-designer world. But I have some doubts whether the chosen business model will allow a fast & vast adoption.

    • because its hard to get things dynamic then. once you have a markup you dont have to compile anymore. you can easily import xml like this:

      <xml src="comments.xml"/>

      and do the input into the database like this

      <form action="input.php || .asp || .jsp">
      <input type="text">
      <input type="submit">

      no need for foreach,in or i++ and no if and else!!!!!!!!!!

      even flex cant deal with data so easy. in flex you have a mix of as3 and DOM. that looks like a bad written .php plus stupid inline attributes.

      i dont want to see your library. i bet its pure chaos.
      its faster with a markup because you just load a small xml instead of a big library.
      any browser works exactly the same your opinion is "everyone should drag and drop his browser from a library instead of downloading an application".

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