Our mission

Why so serious?

You may know that Flash is deprecated but we love to keep the legacy alive. Action Scripts has been used in millions of websites and has been one of the cleanest language I had to work with. I truly believe that anyone would gain to know it.

Like anything else, learning ActionScript can have its growing pains.  Becoming more fluent in the Flash language they call ActionScript is something I hope you can get from this blog.

We keep in touch with most of the subjects of the web and always in for extra fun at any time! You can see us coding furiously or enjoy a good game from time to time such as the one our Indonesian buddy calls togel hari ini (you will recognize yourself 😜)

Beyond Flash

We are not naive and we do know that outdated softwares won’t trigger interest and we will keep sharing tricks, hacks, tips and more around the web technologies

Being part of the Flash community, you are in good hands. You will come across many useful resources and tools that will make your everyday experiences with the web so much more fun.  You can look forward to being introduced and/or getting more acclimated with many of these resources throughout the tutorials, components, and experiments here on Flash Speaks ActionScript.

Let’s stay in touch ❤

Feel free to navigate through our recent post and if you feel like write for us, don’t hesitate to drop a comment !