WordPress Portfolio Themes

If you are building a website, using WordPress for your portfolio as your chosen platform may be the way to go. It is a simple and easy to use content management system that allows you to change any page on your site anytime you want. It is also the best for you to build awesome WordPress Portfolios.

WordPress Portfolio – Why Use It?

It has many features that make it popular with bloggers and webmasters. You will find many plugins for different needs and themes that are specific to each niche you target. These sites have specific themes or plugins that help them promote themselves.

There are also popular pages that you can edit to add more content. This will allow visitors to customize your page to fit their needs to display the best WordPress Portfolio.

By adding this to your list of reasons to use WordPress, you have one more reason to use this free website building tool. The content management system offers great benefits to both bloggers and site owners.

Portfolio themes we recommend

If you are trying to build a website and you know you don’t have the time to do it yourself, then this tool is perfect for you. Your site will never look too hard to create if you use WordPress.

By the use of the free templates, you will be able to set up the free websites that will be impressive without a lot of work on your part. Once you start adding content and plugins to your site, you will find it will never be too difficult to get it up and running.

With the basic requirements of this free website builder, you will be able to create several different pages. You can find these templates in several places that you might be able to find such as WPBeginner, Codex.org, and even on your own computer.

If you can get WordPress installed, this will be the easiest to use website tool you have ever used. Some people use this tool on their own while others use it for paid membership websites.

Once you begin adding content, plugins, and themes, you will find that these sites are very customizable. So you will be able to make the perfect theme to fit the needs of your target audience.

For those who want to learn to edit their page, there are plenty of ways to do this. You can create your themes by editing the templates and then applying the settings.

Customize the WordPress Portfolio theme.

If you have blog pages, you can change the pages or post the body by simply clicking on the menu. So you can choose a new style for the page and have the ability to create and customize all your pages.

This is one great website builder that many people use, especially when they are looking to get started in the world of internet marketing. One thing that WordPress does not offer is this advanced customization that will allow you to easily set up your own personal site.

Do you need help?

Not everyone has the skills to create your own portfolio but there are many resources out there that can help in the process. Feel free to check our other WordPress pages for an idea on the subject. Or even better contact us if you want us to help you directly.

Best Flash Preloader from 21

Flash Preloader

Adobe flash preloader is a new tool that is in development that will help Adobe speed up your Flash preloader programs. Adobe is very proud of their product and wants it to be more than just a flash preloader. These programs are being used by tens of millions of people every day, so Adobe must continue to develop tools to help make this process easier.

several tools in the past worked effectively at the speed they were created. These tools include FFmpeg, xmlto, and python. This is good because all these tools are available on Linux and Mac OS X which are considering platform-independent and are not dependent on any of the other operating systems for the program to run.

Which Flash Preloader to Choose?

These programs are also very powerful and efficient, but they require a large amount of time and manpower to create and maintain it is a closed-source software program. The Adobe software is a non-commercial open-source software program. The only problem is the other open-source programs that are considered to be Adobe flash preloader files may contain the code that comes from Adobe, or an unauthorized third party, in their code.

To be sure that you are getting Adobe products, you should get them from the beta programs. This helps you to control the programs when they come out. They have been very good to preview these programs and giving us a preview of what is coming.

Software developers are constantly working on new features for programs. This includes expanding and making their programs much more complicated. As a result, the programs can take a very long time to load. If you can watch an animation loading, then you will notice how long it takes to load an Adobe flash preloader.

How to implement the preloader

The flash preloader that is now being used is to display something on the screen that helps you skip the flashing that the flash preloader will display. This is often used by older computers that have slow processors. It will display a word at a time, as well as the picture or the video. The flash preloader needs to be able to open files from a specific directory on your computer.

When using the open-source software that has the flash preloader, you will need to provide your permission to display your message on a computer that is using a flash preloader. The Adobe flash preloader is much more complicated and does not allow users to write code that can run on a computer that is not using the Adobe software. It also has a special area for users to upload file information.

The advertising is a little different on a computer that is not using the Adobe software. The image on the computer is changed to look like it is coming from another computer. Once you click on the advertisement, the advertisement will be displayed on the computer that is using the Adobe software.

Adobe products are not compatible with certain Adobe programs, and they need to be installed separately. The preloader also handles more than one file simultaneously. So if there is more than one image to be displayed, the Adobe preloader can store that image in a separate location. This can help it save some disk space.

What if you face issues?

The problem is many users are not familiar with the Adobe software. Many times, the users do not know which program is what. They are forced to use the Adobe flash preloader which is difficult to control because it uses multiple files in the program to save the image. Also, Adobe software cannot open files on the web.

Although Adobe is the company that developed flash software, it does not have complete control over the user programs. The company also offers a separate Adobe product that will add some controls to a flash preloader. This software is Adobe SafeWare.

If you are not using this program, it is a good idea to get it. It is not compatible with some Adobe programs, but if you use it to control Adobe programs, it will be very beneficial to you. and will make your life a lot easier. In addition to giving you improved performance.

Which Preloader do you think is the best? Please leave your comments below and you want to see some added, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Flash Video Bitrate Calculator for Free

The Flash Video Bitrate Calculator is a free tool that can be used to check the quality of your video. What makes it different from the others is that it does not charge you for the download of the video but instead, it allows you to make it free for everyone. It is something that we should all do to help us secure our websites and keep them up to date.

We have many videos available for you, and all of them are good to watch. All you need to do is make sure that the video quality is decent and it will work well.

How to Use the Flash Bitrate Calculator

The Flash Bitrate Calculator is a software program that allows you to download videos for free from the Internet. If you want to make it free, simply enter a title or keyword and it will automatically start searching for good quality files.

This is a big issue because you have to search far and wide to find videos that will give you the highest quality. Plus, if you already have one, it means that you can never upload another video.

It also makes a lot of sense to get rid of the videos that are not worth watching and get a quality video to watch so that you have no problem getting any future videos that you may need. If you are new to the world of the Internet, you will not be able to quickly assess the quality of each video that you download.

Why do you need a Video Bitrate Calculator?

Video Download is not that hard to understand, but it is certainly complex if you do not know what you are doing. It is an area that a complete beginner would have a very difficult time understanding.

Now, after you have downloaded a few videos and have a good idea of the quality of the videos, the next step is to figure out how to make your video work. You want to get a free video so that you will be able to make other videos for free and improve your video-making skills.

You want to use the Flash Bitrate Calculator to help you determine which videos are good to watch and which ones are not. So you can start uploading some good videos to your website, one at a time.

Video Upload Concerns

When you first start uploading the free videos to your website, it is a good idea to upload a lot of them so that you can get used to uploading them and to your website. Also, you want to upload only those videos that you feel comfortable watching and you are confident that they will not have any problems.

When you are uploading the videos, you want to make sure that you are editing them to remove any unwanted portions of the video. Also, you want to make sure that you are keeping the file size down to a minimum.

After you have the files uploaded and you are getting comfortable with uploading videos and you are getting comfortable with editing them, you want to get a good way to determine which videos are the best to watch. You can always access the Flash Video Bitrate Calculator for this.

This is a great way to make sure that your videos are working properly and to determine which videos to put on your website. When you use the Flash Bitrate Calculator, you can make sure that you are uploading the videos at the highest quality possible.

Learning Further

Let us know your thoughts below and let’s talk further to assess you needs to improve how your customers enjoy the Video Experience on your website! Contact us today.

Exporting Flash Projects To Air

There are numerous Adobe solutions available today to export flash projects to Air. However, many people are still a little wary about whether or not Adobe solutions such as Flash Export Air, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Adobe Elements are a good fit for their website needs.

Flash Export Air: Adobe’s Top Need For Flash Developers

For me, a technical engineer, it’s all about your bottom line. Here are a few reasons why you should consider including Flash Export Air, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Dreamweaver in your portfolio.

A Website is no different than any other offline (non-online) business transaction. Web traffic is the lifeblood of a business. If your website has low page views or no sales at all, then you’re losing money fast.

Exporting Projects like a Pro

Technical engineers need to be familiar with all aspects of design and development. They have the ability to understand website design (including web pages), web development, eCommerce and web-based security issues.

Many small businesses are now focusing on E-Commerce, thus decreasing the amount of time they can spend on website maintenance. Many businesses believe that web designers, content writers, and web programmers can handle website development. Unfortunately, those positions require knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, databases and a host of other technologies.

Technical developers can develop modules for popular websites such as eBay, Amazon, Zappos, Dell and many others. You’ll also be able to support the technical needs of a client in case you are called upon to respond to technical issues or troubleshooting.

Why would you not Export

With the increasing use of technology, software, and applications by businesses, even a technical designer must be updated on new changes and extensions. You don’t want to be left behind! Some websites already include thousands of tabs and sub-tabs, so finding exactly what you need can be a challenge.

A technical design engineer must be proficient in all areas of web development and creative design. By learning everything there is to know about a specific niche and specific technology, you’ll be more valuable than ever when you are called upon to provide feedback on website functionality and design.

How to Export

The best companies offer excellent pay, good return of investment and benefits. Even if you aren’t technically inclined, the top companies can help you take your career to the next level.

Every company will have a unique problem. Each problem may be unique to the individual company. For instance, if you own a business that offers print work, advertising services or custom design services, your needs may be entirely different from another individual who owns a small pizza shop.

What could be a very important factor is whether or not your company is web-friendly It is imperative that your clients can access their information in a timely fashion, regardless of how many staff members are working. This will ensure that your clients don’t get stuck without the information they need.

At the end of the day, your choice really depends on your needs and the type of project you are doing. There are several different software solutions available, and you may find that the quality of these solutions is not the same. However, there are some choices that you can make.

We can help you!

Drop us a line and we will help you migrate to Air from your old Flash projects. We guarantee a fast work and efficient optimization. Don’t take our word for granted and head to the numerous project we already accomplished!

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What is Adobe Air and learn to master it

Although the name of the software may be synonymous with Photoshop, Adobe Air, Premiere, After Effects, etc., it does not mean that you will need to know all about it. Adobe’s software will help you create a documentary, create and edit a video, and export a single file. All you need to do is learn how to use it properly.

Adobe Air is Easy to Use

You will want to learn the basics of the software before you start using it. It will help you get comfortable using the software and understand it, which will allow you to learn how to use it. Learning Adobe Air is easy because you can take advantage of online tutorials.

With new technology, a lot of companies have dropped the price of their software. Adobe Air will be no different. If you are interested in learning more about Adobe Air, it is a good idea to go to Adobe’s website and sign up for a free trial of the software.

Even if you do not plan on buying the software, the free trial will give you a chance to check out what it has to offer and see if it is something you will like. The trial version is only designed for a short period of time, so make sure that you take advantage of it. You do not want to waste your time on a product that you will never use.

Getting started with Adobe Air

The trial version will also help you get familiar with the new software. The trial version will allow you to see if you are going to like Adobe Air. Adobe is giving it away for free and showing you what it has to offer before you buy it.

When you first install Adobe Air, you will need to choose a download location for your Adobe product. You can find it at Adobe’s website. Make sure that you are able to access your product in order to use it properly.

It is important to note that you should only install the software onto a computer that you trust. Although Adobe Air can run on virtually any computer, you will have to follow the instructions carefully if you want to use it effectively. You will also want to purchase additional software for things like transferring your files to your personal computer, editing your film, or exporting your film.

Editing and burning your film is another thing that you will need to learn to do with Adobe Air. The software is capable of doing this automatically, so there is no need to be concerned about it. As long as you know how to use the program and have mastered the skills needed, Adobe Air is just like any other computer program.

Multiple uses

The software will help you do all sorts of things. It will automatically convert your film into a digital format, which will then allow you to create a DVD copy. Adobe will help you manage your project files, manage your list of editing projects, and design your movie accordingly.

After you have made your own work of art, you will be able to share it with the world. You can put your movie up on YouTube, post it on your own blog, and sell it on eBay. Because the software is very easy to use, you will find that you do not need to know how to do these things.

The software is simple to use. There are no complex tutorials that will get in the way of you getting your film produced. All you need to do is learn how to export the final movie and how to load it on your computer.

After you export your film, you will be able to play it back in the format that you originally created it in. If you did not create your own DVD, then you can play it on an old version of a digital recorder. After you learn how to load your movie on your computer, you will find that it is easier to shoot your film without worrying about having to get your digital recorder.

Learn Adobe Air with us

You can contact us directly to get private coaching, and beneficiate from the best advices to get started with Adobe Air ! You’ll be able to learn from the best developers that made a strong impression in the world of Web Design. Start your journey NOW for free!

Music Player In AS3 – Boost your website

Creating a Flash-Based Music Player

Adobe Flash is a program used to make animated webpages and is also used for games, animation, animation effects, and a whole lot more. It is very useful to use a Music Player. While Flash is not used exclusively by Flash developers, it is certainly used as an option to utilize the program. There are however a few things that should be noted before trying to use this program for your next project. With the information that follows, you should be able to create a Flash-based tutorial using AS.

One of the first considerations you need to make is whether or not you want to create video tutorials, audio tutorials, or both. If you decide to use an audio-only version, you will want to have a way to transfer files between computers and mobile devices.

If you have a desktop system, then you will be able to do one of two things: either import an audio file directly or you can play an audio file that has been uploaded to your computer. If you will be transferring an audio file to your mobile device, then you can follow the instructions on the site to convert the file to MP3 and then upload the file. You can even use your personal music player such as WMP or Zune.

If you decide to use a Flash-based tutorial, then you need to have a website where you will host the tutorial. I recommend some resources because it is easy to set up and it includes some pretty good tools for developing a website. They also give you a ton of customization options that will help you in the future.

The next step is to host the tutorial itself. This can be done in a number of ways but the easiest is to use WordPress. If you want to host the tutorial on a blog, you will want to include a space in the footer of the blog that allows the user to enter the URL to the new site. Another option is to place the URL in the « About » box on the blog.

Plan Properly

Before you begin developing the Flash-based tutorial, you should plan on the kind of audience you are targeting. Obviously, if you are trying to sell products online, then you will want to create a tutorial that is targeted toward the business world. For this type of audience, there are a few different steps you need to take. First, you need to determine the information that is most important to the audience.

For example, let’s say that you are trying to teach people how to use an action script program that helps them to be better musicians. In this case, you will want to make sure that you include information about how to use the program as well as any kind of sample instrument that the users will need to get started. There are a lot of things that you need to cover but with this kind of audience, you can usually get away with only putting in enough information so that the viewers can build their own knowledge.

Next, you need to consider who the audience is. Most of the time, an audience for a music-related tutorial is composed of people who are looking to improve their playing abilities. However, you can still include other sections that are designed to help non-musicians to play along with the music.

Who is the music player for?

In most cases, an audience that does not use music software is probably looking to learn about how to use it properly. In this case, you will need to make sure that you include a section on MIDI. In addition, you should make sure that you have a short overview of the keyboard (F) and bass (B) so that non-musicians can easily get the hang of playing the different instruments.

When developing the Flash-based tutorial, you will want to consider what resources you will be using to develop the tutorial. Since a Flash-based tutorial will generally use a lot of graphics, you should consider utilizing Flash graphics for the graphics you use. However, it is important to make sure that your graphics are compatible with the browser you will be using to view the tutorial.

Next, you will want to look at the audio files that you will be using. Since they will be fairly large files, it is a good idea to use something like WinAmp to make sure that you can transfer the audio files as quickly as possible to your players.

Learn How to code a Music Player

Contact us today to get the best advice on creating the cleanest code for your new Music Player widget. You can as well leave your comments below to get fast answers on the subject. We want to hear from you!

10 Books To Help In Learning AS3

Learning To Write As can be a difficult and frustrating task for new writers. Many new authors are intimidated by this new type of writing because they feel like it is impossible to write as you would normally in Flash.

However, the language of As is very different from that of Flash. In order to get your words to flow, a little bit of structure is needed. There are many As tools and software to help you build a structure.

An important aspect of learning how to write As is that you should make a checklist of all of the « must have » elements for your book. This includes the title, the body, the author’s name, the date, etc. The more thought you put into these items, the easier it will be to write the book.

Learning to format your As3 book can be tough because there are so many different options available. If you try to write as normal in Flash, you will probably struggle because you are unfamiliar with As3 features.

In order to get your flash book out on the market faster, you should look for books that offer formatting packages for As. You will also be able to save time writing the chapters you know how to write, since there are many pre-formatted chapters available.

Another option for learning how to write As3 is to purchase Word Perfect As3 products. While they may cost a little more than flash books, they are useful for even the most novice of book authors. The Word Perfect formatters are also available online and allow for easy updates to be made.

Learning how to write As can help writers have more flexible deadlines for their projects. As long as the structure is created correctly, there will be no problems with the delivery of the completed work.

One example of a basic sentence structure is the use of three – four – five-word paragraphs. In this structure, each paragraph will be telling a small story, or a story that happens in the chapter.

In the beginning of the first paragraph, you will state what the topic of the book is, and then you will create your main character in the second paragraph. In the third paragraph, you will build a situation for the first person viewpoint, and then in the fourth paragraph you will reveal the story’s climax in the last paragraph.

In the fifth sentence, you will provide an action for the character to complete at the end of the sentence. At the end of the sentence, you will provide some details about the location of the protagonist in the second paragraph, and then you will provide a small summary in the last sentence.

Finally, you will provide some detail about the location of the main character in the third paragraph, and then in the fourth paragraph you will provide a small, but specific action that the character will perform in the last sentence. Then, you will conclude in the sixth sentence.

As you can see, learning how to write As can be simple, especially if you learn to format your book properly. It doesn’t take long to learn how to build sentences and then just spend the time learning how to structure them correctly.

Filtering XML Data Using AS3

How to Convert Your Flash Game to an XML As

If you want to convert your Flash game into an XML as, you need to look at different options. You may need to change your video settings and add some other options for your game. You will also need to convert your audio tracks to fit with the video. You can choose to do this on your own or hire a professional to do it for you.

To convert a Flash game from a flash player such as Internet Explorer to an XML as3, you must first open Internet Explorer and then open the Flash website in Internet Explorer. From the top menu bar, select Properties from the menu bar. On the General tab, in the Data tab, click « Save » on the left and then « OK ».

Once you have done this, click the Options button on the right side of the window. On the Video tab, you will see a drop down box where you will need to put your Flash player’s URL (this can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen). Once you have selected your URL, click « OK » and then click « OK » again to exit the Properties window.

After clicking « OK », you should have a dialog box. On the third column, you will need to select « Flash player » in the drop down box. On the second column, you will need to put your Flash player’s URL in the boxes provided. Finally, on the last column, you will need to enter a « Save » in the box.

After clicking « OK », you should see a prompt in Internet Explorer asking if you want to continue. Click « Yes » to save your changes. This is the step where you will need to open the XML as converter application that you downloaded before.

The first step you will need to do is to download a game called PlayFirst. This will let you have a preview of the Flash content you are going to convert. You can open the Play First player by clicking the Play First icon in the toolbar of Internet Explorer. The Play First player will let you see the video controls, pause, go back, stop, and fast forward, but will not let you play.

Once you have opened the Play First player, you will need to click the « Convert to as » button in the toolbar. This will automatically open the converter wizard. Just click « Next » and then « Finish ». This will start to convert your Flash content to XML as.

The next step you will need to do is to find the text editor in the XML as converter application that you have downloaded. For this step, you will need to follow the prompts to set up the converter. You can do this step by clicking the « Convert to as » button in the toolbar.

To begin, you will need to click the « Start » button, which will open the text editor. The first step here is to enter the URL of the Flash player that you want to convert to XML as, and the content you want to convert to XML as.

The next step is to copy the content of the Flash page. Then, paste the content of the Flash page into the text box and then click the « Enter » button. In a few seconds, you will have a converted HTML page that is ready to play in a browser.

To stop the conversion, just click the « Stop » button. If you want to find out what the final product looks like, just select the « Source » tab and then the « Viewing » tab. Then, click « Export »Start Playing ».

Finally, if you want to customize the HTML, you can edit the HTML or you can write the voice. This will be important when you upload the finished Flash game to share with others or publish on the internet.

Dynamically Add Script To Frames Of A Movieclip With AS3

Using Movieclip As

In order to use Movieclip in your Flash action script, you will need to install the correct Media Player component. Then, go to the File menu and choose Open. You should then choose Flash Player from the Files menu. If you want to play your Flash movies, you’ll need to choose the « Play » button.

If you do not have Flash installed yet, you can download and install it from Adobe’s website. In your browser window, you should click on the « Download Adobe Flash Player » link. You should then follow the onscreen instructions to install the player. Just wait a few minutes and you should then be able to see the player icon on your desktop. If you are using an older version of Flash, you may need to restart your computer to see the player icon.

In order to learn how to use Flash in a script, all you need to do is open the Video tab and then click on the « Tools » tab. Click on the plus sign to add a new component, and then type in « Movieclip As3 ». Next, you should click on the « Play » button in the toolbar and then click on the « Add URL » button to navigate to the site where you downloaded the player.

To see the Media Player menu on your Flash page, you should click on the « Tools » tab and then go to the « Flipboard Menu » dropdown. From there, you should choose the « Media Player » option. From there, you should be able to navigate to the Flash player icon.

All you need to do is place the frames in the appropriate locations on your Flash page. To do this, just click on the frames you want to place in the page and then click on the « Place Frame » button. Make sure that you have the right dimensions for the player. Once you have placed the frames in the Flash page, you should click on the « Render » button. A pop-up window will appear where you will enter your script code and then you should click « Save ». This will enable the player in your script.

You should now be able to see the movie on your Flash page by going to the File menu and choosing « View » and then clicking « Flash Player ». If you are in the middle of recording a movie, you should stop the recording. It is a good idea to edit the movie with a text editor.

In order to see the script in your Flash page, you should go to the « Tools » tab and then go to the « Script Editor ». From there, you should click on the « Play » button to start the recording. After a few seconds, you should see the script playing on your Flash page.

In order to stop the recording, you should click on the « Stop » button in the top left corner of the « Script Editor ». After a few seconds, you should see the recording stop.

The next thing you should do is to place the video clips in the appropriate places on your page. If you want to change the sizes of the videos, you should go to the « Video Editor » and then go to the « Size » tab.

On the next tab, you should select the « Size » option and then you should go to the « Align » tab. After making sure that the horizontal and vertical size is correct, you should go to the « Format » tab and then you should change the video frame type to « Image ».

If you want to add sound, you should go to the « Tools » tab and then go to the « Sound Editor ». Then, you should go to the « Mixer » tab and then click on the « Add Sound » button.

Optimizing Mobile Air Apps

How to Use Flash and Mobile Air Apps

When mobile devices with browsers and/or operating systems are used for internet browsing, many users end up surfing the web on mobile apps rather than a desktop browser. These apps are called mobile air apps and their layouts can be downloaded free of charge.

Mobile air apps usually use Flash or Java to display different interfaces. Websites are programmed in HTML, CSS or JavaScript depending on the platform. A person can either browse the web through the app or use a browser in conjunction with an app to surf the web.

Before Flash, there were only Flash movies to watch, but today’s Flash is far more advanced. If a website is coded with Flash, it can be viewed by all users on most mobile devices, and users will not need to download an extension in order to view the page.

On the other hand, Flash is not a server-side application. It must be installed in the operating system in order to run. Users have to install Flash on their mobile devices and then they will be able to view pages that contain Flash files.

There are three types of websites in which users can access mobile air apps. The first is the mobile web. In this case, a person can access the same content from any mobile device and there are no restrictions. This type of web application is commonly used when a site is always available.

The second type of mobile air apps is hosted mobile web app. Web pages are hosted on a server. There is limited functionality for a user to access their content unless they have access to a Wi-Fi connection.

The third type of mobile air app is the off-line web. This type of app cannot be accessed from a device with a browser. It can only be accessed on the mobile device without a browser.

There are ways in which the application can be accessed through different devices. Usually, people with smartphones can access their content through a website or app. Those who have tablet PCs can access the content through a desktop application.

There are some common issues that all users should be aware of when using mobile air apps. Users need to ensure that their browsing habits match what the mobile web allows. If a user uses a mobile app for a website that has Flash or Java enabled, the content cannot be viewed on a browser.

Users also need to ensure that the apps they want to use have functionalities that match what the mobile air apps can do. The same goes for the actual apps themselves. Users should be sure to use a compatible app when browsing the web. Also, users should ensure that the content that they are looking at is compatible with their device.

Lastly, users should also protect their personal information from being accessed by others. Information from mobile air apps is sent directly to the web server and should not be read by anyone else. Be sure to lock down all personal information before doing so.

Once a person uses mobile air apps, they will quickly find out how convenient and beneficial they are. Rather than having to download Flash or Java, they can now surf the web by downloading the app. With a high quality phone that is powered by Android, a person can still surf the web without having to download technology.