Flip A Page With These Flash Page Flippers

Magazine style Flash page flip books have been popular over the last few years and for good reason. I’ve seen them used for e-magazines, e-books, retail flyers, and even portfolios.

When in need of one, here’s a list of popular Flash page flip books that will give you some food for thought. Enjoy!

Firefly – AS3 XML Flip Book

Firefly – AS3 XML Flip Book

Flipbook Facebook Website Template by marcfolio

Flipbook Facebook Website Template by marcfolio

Nature Book v3 by flashmaniac

Type: Premium

Nature Book v3 by flashmaniac

We will add more with time – stay posted !

Rotate A Banner With These XML Banner Rotators

With the constant birth of bloggers hosting their own blogs, XML banner rotators have become quite popular. Banner rotators are an excellent way to showcase products, featured articles, or anything you feel that needs that extra attention. I have compiled a list of Flash XML banner rotators that can provide an elegant solution to showcasing important news or content. Enjoy!

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Also, if you know of any other XML banner rotators that deserve a mention, feel free to comment below or via the contact page.

1 – 3D & 2D Express Banner Rotator with Video Support

A professional 3D and 2D banner rotator with captions and Thumbnail List which will enhance your webpage.

2 – 3D Transition Effect Banner Rotator

A 3D Flash banner rotator with over 10 3D transitions and many customizable options.

3 – Flash Banner Creator and Rotator

Flash Banner Creator and Rotator

A very advanced tool to create professional looking dynamic Flash banners, slideshows, ads and intros.

4 – Block Slider XML Banner Rotator With YouTube

Block Slider XML Banner Rotator With YouTube by igniteflash

A highly customizable multi media banner rotator updated via xml. Play FLV or Youtube Videos, Play mp3 tracks, great for a musician or band website.

5 – Cube Transform Banner Rotator

Cube Transform Banner Rotator

A customizable Flash banner rotator with a 3D Cube transition effect.

6 – Banner / Slideshow with Smooth Text Animation

Banner / Slideshow with Smooth Text Animation

A Flash banner/slideshow with five image transitions: simple fade-in, move, diagonal fade, radial fade and circular mask.

7 – Free XML Banner Rotator

A highly customizable XML Banner Rotator with more than 35 XML options, including the masking size and speed.

8 – Blades XML Banner Rotator

Blades XML Banner Rotator by CrackerJack

a href=”http://activeden.net/item/blades-xml-banner-rotator/132841?ref=FlashSpeaks”>

A flexible Flash banner rotator that makes an impression. Easy to customize with several options including 5 unique transitions

9 – Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator

Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator

A Flash banner rotator and slider that offers 4 different actions (link, download, enlarge, and play a video), is 100% skin-able through XML , can load every file type you can throw at it (gif, png, swf, jpg), and has multiple navigation modes for further customization

10 – XML Banner Rotator with Thumbs

XML Banner Rotator with Thumbs

A highly customizable XML Banner Rotator which supports thumbnail display for the larger images, at any size defined in the XML.

11 – Plus Banner Rotator

A basic XML driven image and SWF slider with 16 different transitions which can be used within Flash documents or as a stand-alone Flash file within HTML documents.

12 – Banner Rotator FX

A Flash banner rotator with over 100 transitions with a boat load of additional settings.

13 – Sliding Image Gallery XML v2

Sliding Image Gallery XML v2

A dynamic Flash image slider ideal for a product showcase that also comes with WordPress and Joomla plugins.

14 – Showcase XML Product Gallery

Showcase XML Product Gallery

A sliding XML Flash banner rotator.

15 – Smart Banner

Smart Banner

A XML based banner rotator. Its simple design elements and classic animation make it ideal for any project that requires a banner rotator.

16 – 3D Door Effect XML Banner Rotator

Digicrafts 3D Door Effect XML Banner Rotator

A Flash XML banner rotator with a 3D door effect.

17 – XML Banner Rotator v3

XML Banner Rotator v3

A XML driven Flash image banner rotator.

18 – Blinds XML Banner Rotator

19 – XML Accordion Banner Rotator

A XML-driven image/swf rotator and viewer.

20 – 3D Fly Through XML Banner Rotator

A Flash XML banner rotator with a 3D fly through effect.

21 – Banner Rotator 3 Pro

A Flash XML banner rotator.

22 – XML Slide Show with Auto Delay – AS3

A XML Flash slideshow with auto delat and animated captions.

23 – 3D Flip XML Banner Rotator

A Flash XML banner rotator with a 3D flip effect.

24 – Banner Rotator With Auto Delay

A XML banner rotator with automatic delay time depending on the number of words used in caption.

25 – Sliding Banner Rotator Pro

A Flash banner rotator/slider which allows to display you images/swf with very cool sliding effect.

26 – Banner Rotator/Zoom Slideshow

A dynamic XML based slideshow / banner rotator with tons of features and XML configurable parameters.

27 – Sliding XML Banner Rotator

A sliding banner rotator with XML supported.

28 – Basic XML Banner Rotator

Display your images in a gorgeous and simple XML Banner Rotator, with a minimalist design and a simple slide effect between images.

29 – Horizontal Image Banner Rotator with Thumbs

A XML banner rotator is easily resizable and customizable from XML.

30 – Image Banner Rotator with Thumbs

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50 Creative Flash Templates

Flash templates have become very popular and very useful for most individuals looking to get a head start on their next project. Check out this list created by Scott of Activeden which exemplifies the quality and diversity of Flash templates that are available for a small fraction of the cost.


Fine Art Gallery – Flash Web Template by dxc381

City – Parallax Landing Page by v4

Designer’s Portfolio by Webmarbles

XML Clean White Portfolio Template by damojo

AS2 XML Mirror Portfolio Template by ParkerAndKent

Art Director’s Portfolio by moular

Creative Portfolio Template by BigZ

Slick Full Website Template with CMS by OXYLUS

Those are only few of the one that caught my eye (Some were removed due to inactivity)

Flash Countdown Timer

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a timer in Adobe Flash that will count down the time to a given date in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. If you were looking for a great Flash tool for counting down holidays, birthdays, etc, this is the tutorial for you.

Also, this Flash countdown timer tutorial allows you to preset any day of your choice with in AS2 and AS3. Have fun!

Create the Flash Countdown Timer in AS2

This tutorial will go over the basics on constructing a Flash countdown timer within Actionscript 2.0.

Step 1: Create a dynamic text field with the string value of “00:00:00:00″. Note:this is simply to get the text field to the size needed for the dynamic content.

Step 2: Delete the string value of text field and name the text field “time_txt”.

Step 3: Create a new layer named “actions” and insert the following code in the first keyframe:

Source File: REMOVED

Update: Based on your feedback on this tutorial, I decided to create a hassle free CountdownTimer AS3 class that will assist in creating your very own flash countdown timer. Learn how to create a Flash Countdown in AS3 using this class.

//onEnterFrame allows for a function to be called every tick
this.onEnterFrame = function()
	//Stores the current date
	var today:Date = new Date();
	//Stores the Current Year
	var currentYear = today.getFullYear();
	//Stores the Current Time
	var currentTime = today.getTime();
	//Creates and stores the target date
	var targetDate:Date = new Date(currentYear,11,25);
	var targetTime = targetDate.getTime();
	//Determines how much time is left.  Note: Leaves time in milliseconds
	var timeLeft = targetTime - currentTime;
	var sec = Math.floor(timeLeft/1000);
	var min = Math.floor(sec/60);
	var hours = Math.floor(min/60);
	var days = Math.floor(hours/24);
	//Takes results of var remaining value.  Also converts "sec" into a string
	sec = String(sec % 60);
	//Once a string, you can check the values length and see whether it has been reduced below 2.
	//If so, add a "0" for visual purposes.
	if(sec.length < 2){
		sec = "0" + sec;
	min = String(min % 60);
	if(min.length < 2){
		min = "0" + min;
	hours = String(hours % 24);
	if(hours.length < 2){
		hours = "0" + hours;
	days = String(days);

	if(timeLeft > 0 ){
		//Joins all values into one string value
		var counter:String = days + ":" + hours + ":" + min + ":" + sec;
		time_txt.text = counter;
		trace("TIME'S UP");
        var newTime:String = "00:00:00:00";
        time_txt.text = newTime;
        delete (this.onEnterFrame);

WordPress Analytics and the Importance of data

WordPress needs Analytics

Are you familiar with the term « WordPress Analytics »? If not, it may be time to start looking into it. WordPress is a blogging platform that was built on top of MediaWiki, which makes it one of the most popular online. With so many people using it, it’s almost inevitable that there would be a place to keep track of which of your visitors came from this site and which ones didn’t.

Wordpress Analytics

How can you use WordPress Analytics to boost your business or website? In this article, we’ll look at some of the main benefits of using analytics on your website.

To start with, with analytics on your WordPress site, you’ll have access to all kinds of data on how many times your visitors come to your site. They will also have access to information on which pages and search terms they hit on your site. For example, visitors that click on your offer banner in the header will be able to see the code that accompanies the offer. This code is essential information about your visitor and how they got to your site.

WordPress Analytics – Who is it for?

It will also give you the opportunity to better serve your visitors by displaying the offer code so they can interact with it. Some sales pages have shortened versions of the offer code, so it can be used as an interactive experience. You can display these codes for your visitor to see.

How many times do you use analytics to help improve your own promotions? One of the major benefits of using WordPress is that you’ll be able to view analytics at any time you want. There are no set periods during which you have to wait for reports to be generated. So you’ll always be able to see how well your promotions are doing.

How often should you be using analytics? While it’s important to track all visitor information in order to increase your conversion rates, you have to remember that your promotion and website could be undergoing maintenance. A maintenance program could be affecting how your website is being viewed. So it’s important to track your analytics at other times, too.

Is your website currently in maintenance mode? Your WordPress stats will still be useful even if you are not in maintenance mode. There’s no point in waiting until your promotion has run its course to be able to use it.

How much time should you be keeping track of your analytics? The amount of time you can realistically put into keeping up with your marketing efforts will depend on a number of factors. The most important factor is the scope of your marketing activities.

What type of promotion are you doing? For example, if you run a blog about toys, then you’ll want to be able to easily access analytics. You may be able to install it right away, but if your blog focuses more on driving traffic to a store than anything else, then you will have to leave it in the hands of someone else to get the job done.

Which plugins to choose

The other reason why you’ll want to look into using WordPress analytics is because it’s free. You don’t have to pay a penny to get access to your analytics. So you can benefit from it right away, without having to spend a penny on your marketing efforts. One of the most well-know analytics provider is Google Analytics

With this simple method, you can benefit from using WordPress analytics for your marketing efforts. You can keep track of your statistics using your regular dashboard, or you can use WordPress-based analytics that will take your analytics beyond what you could ever imagine.

No matter what your site is about, there’s a free way to gain insights into the traffic coming to your site, and WordPress will help you do that. Whether you need a simple traffic analytics tool or a complete system, there’s an option for you. This is a great marketing system for anyone who want to make their business more efficient, targeted, and profitable.

Going further

You can find even better ways to understand your website and improve it to your visitors. Easiest ones are caching and security

WhatsApp in WordPress – Make the Most of it

Why choosing WhatsApp in WordPress?

Wordpress WhatsApp

WordPress WhatsApp for the social media is here! With WhatsApp, users are able to join groups of others, post status updates and get instant notifications from those who are currently in the group. In this article, we take a look at what this social media application can do for you and how you can make the most of it.

First off, WhatsApp is still relatively new to the open-source WordPress community. While there are a number of small open-source communities that are already on board, WhatsApp has not been included. However, as more users gain access to the product, it will soon be included.

I would say that it is a good product for a private or public community. Public communities tend to have smaller groups of friends and families so messaging with other individuals in these groups is convenient and fun. Private groups are also popular for businesses so they can keep their clients and business partners in touch as well.

While not everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, large corporations are starting to include it in their employee benefits packages. This is because businesses are starting to realize how valuable this new social media platform can be. This new technology allows employees to stay connected with their peers and bosses while staying organized in the office and stress free.

Setup WhatsApp in WordPress

The first thing you should do is install WordPress. Then, you will want to create an account for yourself, so you can share messages with your business contacts. This is a great way to stay connected within your business.

One great feature about WhatsApp is that new users can send and receive videos and text messages. This makes it easier to stay connected with your business contacts and your friends, family, and colleagues. You can also choose to send photos or share media files like videos and images that will help you and your business to grow even more.

Next, another important aspect of WhatsApp is that you can easily keep your business’s existing customers informed. You can stay in touch with your clients and they can also find out what is going on with your business. All you need to do is select a particular group of contacts and let them know what is going on with your business.

In addition to keeping your business up to date with your social media marketing efforts, you can also use it to make new connections. You can instantly update your contacts and remind them of what they have missed so far. This will help you connect with new people who are interested in your products and services.

It has become popular with WordPress users to share links to their websites with their Facebook friends. This helps them build their brand presence on their preferred social network. In fact, WhatsApp now includes a widget on Facebook to help you use the new social media platform for your business.

Last but not least, with WhatsApp, you will be able to send a link to your phone number to a group of contacts. This way, you can reach them all at once and communicate directly with all of them, without having to actually be in the same room together. This creates a more social environment within your business, where you can interact with others and share business updates.

Keep it active

Now, that you understand some of the uses of WhatsApp and its new integration with WordPress, it is time to take advantage of its features by sending messages and private messaging to your contacts. It is a great way to stay in touch with your business, with all of its contacts.

Another important advantage of this new technology is that it allows you to see who is calling your contacts, allowing you to block or ignore calls. The contacts list is updated automatically as well, making it a very fast and convenient social media tool. If you want to make your business more successful, then this may be the perfect solution for you.

Feel free to checkout as well our articles on how to optimize WordPress !

Preloading Content Using AS3

While most smaller Flash projects do not really need a preloader due to the today’s Internet speed, it is still good practice to always include a preloader in all your Flash projects. In this brief tutorial, I will demonstrate how to preload your Flash assets using AS3.

Preloading in AS3 is a more streamlined process due to the new & improved event handling structure that AS3 brings to the table. You have more control over what gets preloaded and when it gets preloaded.

How to Preload with AS3

Like most things in Flash, there are many ways to preload your content into your Flash projects. How you create your preloading animation will be totally up to you. In this example, I will be dynamically resizing a preloader’s fill based on the progress percentage of the content being loaded. It is a simple way to demonstrate a preloading action.

Code used in example

//Define a loader
var imageLoader:Loader;

function loadThisImage(url:String):void {
 //Show Preloader
 imageLoader=new Loader();
 imageLoader.load(new URLRequest(url));
 //Add a listener to update the preloader on the image's progress
 //Adding a listener that will update the preloader once the image has been loaded

function imageLoaded(evt:Event):void {
 // Load Image by adding it to the display list
 // Hide Preloader

function imageLoading(evt:ProgressEvent):void {
 // Get the current download progress
 var loaded:Number=evt.bytesLoaded/evt.bytesTotal;
 // Send progress info to "preloader" movie clip

function updateProgress(value:Number) {

//Loading the image defined in the parameter

As you noticed this example loads an image, but you can very well use it to load you main SWF content or even multiple images. By creating multiple loaders, you can then define the asset in which you choose to load.  This will allow you more control over your content being loaded.

As you can see,  preloading content using AS3 is actually pretty easy.  Have fun migrating over into AS3!

Download Source

I hope this helps in your migration over into  AS3.  If there is something in particular you want to add or see with the Moving From AS2 to AS3 series, feel free to contact me via the contact page.

20+ Ways to Extend Your Flash Workspace With JSFL Extensions

The JavaScript Flash API or JSFL lets you write scripts to perform several actions within the Flash environment. The possibilities of using JSFL are endless allowing you to create custom commands, tools, timeline effects, behaviors, etc.

Over the years, many JSFL extensions have surfaced within the Flash community. Below are a collection of 20+ JSFL extensions ranging from audio/lip syncing to tween management to Git/Svn version control. Enjoy!

If you have either developed or know of an awesome JSFL extension that I missed from this list, feel leaving a comment below. Thanks and enjoy!

Automatically Enter at the Desired Frame with FrameAim

This adds a panel that enters the selected graphic at the currently displayed frame. By default, Flash just opens the Graphic to its first frame, regardless of what’s being shown on the main stage. No more!

Auto Flash Class Panel

Class and package names are generated form your library folder structure. With one simple click your library is ready for export.

Citrus Engine Panels

A flash extension to create easily CitrusEngine’s objects.

Ease Caddy

The EaseCaddy panel allows you to store your custom eases and re-apply them. You can save your eases to a file and send them to someone else.

Easy Palette

Easy Palette is a color management system that gives the user a friendlier and more useful way to manage custom palettes by allowing them to name colors to speed identification, save and load custom palettes.

Extend to Longest Layer

Very simple but annoyance-saving command which extends all layers in the timeline to the length of the longest layer. Great if you find yourself pasting audio into a bunch of nested symbols.


This is a handy-dandy animation plug-in similar to Animonger’s AnimSlider, except that it uses frame labels and requires no other setup.

Git Version Control Panel for Flash

Commit FLAs to your Git repo from within Flash.

Icon Publisher

Icon Publisher is a Flash extension panel for publish your icon in different sizes in one click.


This adds the Next Label, Previous Label, and Goto Label commands which allow you to quickly jump to keyframes with specific labels.


The MotionBlur Flash extension takes a (new) motion tween, analyzes the movement, and creates a motion blur.


MotionSketch inserts a command to record a drawing in real-time and create a tween based on that drawing.

Multi Swap

Multi Swap allows you to swap multiple symbols at once, and allows swapping symbols across multiple frames.


This is an extended version of Dave Wolfe’s NewAnimClip which takes care of all the legwork. Just select a section of frames in your timeline, run the command, and that animation will be symbolized in the exact correct place. Basically a fully automated “Pringle”.

Queasy Tools Panel

Queasy Tools is a new set of quick and easy tools for Flash designers and animators. This panel provides the fastest way to create tweened animation with easing in Flash.

Search and Replace

This will search for and replace text in the names of Library items. You can search all Library items or only the selected items.


SmartMouth is a Flash extension that automatically analyzes vocal audio tracks and adds mouth shapes. Your Flash Timeline remains 100% editable, leaving you in full control of your animation.


Flash extension panel for creating website project structure

Subversion Panel for Flash

Commit Flash documents and related files to your Subversion repo right from within Flash.

Swap Instance for Duplicate Symbol

This extension adds a command that will take a selected symbol instance, create a new duplicate in the library, and swap the selected symbol for the newly created duplicate.

Sync To Timeline

This adds a command which syncs a selected symbol to the timeline, regardless of if they’re isolated on their own layers. Really useful for re-timing nested animation.

3D Rotate EZ

3D Rotate EZ is a Flash Panel using which you can create 360 degree object or 3D product rotation, called also ObjectVR.

As you can see, there are a lot of plugins available to play around and those are only the main ones. Feel free to let us know in contact if I missed any !

FluidHTML: A Markup Language That Generates Flash Content

“FluidHtml is a text-based markup language (like HTML) that lets you dynamically generate Flash  content. This is an extraordinarily powerful idea.  It means that anyone can build highly animated websites, ads, media players and 3D animations quickly and easily.”

FluidHTML looks to be an innovative concept and may address current issues related to Flash content on the web.  However, I believe web designers/developers who currently use HTML/CSS might find this much more attractive than Flash designers/developers.

I really like the concept of offering an extensible API and opening it up to developers, but is this going to be a viable markup language 5 years from now or is it just a phase.  As ActionScript libraries that support browser-like functionality improve and as Google and Yahoo’s search engine’s begin to recognize the text within Flash files, does FluidHTML really fix anything that isn’t already steadily improving.

I believe FluidHTML does have potential however, I am not sure if Flash designers/developers will buy into the concept.  Check out the introductory video below on FluidHTML.  I’d love to hear how you guys feel about FluidHTML after viewing the video.  Would you consider using it?

Wave Goodbye to Adobe Wave

As of April 15th, 2011, Adobe Wave is being discontinued. Adobe Wave was a desktop alert and notification software gets the information you care about right to your desktop. When a friend posts a status update or there’s new content on your favorite site, be the first to know. With Twitter being the ultimate Buzz word, this product really had no chance.

Adobe Pass for TV Everywhere

Adobe announces the Adobe Pass service, a new authentication solution that enables pay TV subscribers to easily access premium content from virtually any Internet-connected device. Leveraging the Flash Platform and HTML5, Adobe Pass allows pay TV providers and content owners alike to deliver a wider range of content on more platforms – including Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Google TV – and ensure a high-quality, secure user experience.

Promoted by the broadcast and cable industry as TV Everywhere, Adobe Pass makes it possible for pay TV providers to authenticate their paying subscribers online and provide them with the anytime, anywhere content experiences that audiences crave, taking TV Everywhere from concept to reality.

Wow…this opens the door for so many partnerships.  Good News!

Video: Flex on the iPad

Check out this video showing a sample Flex application running on the iPad. This Mobile Trader application shows chart manipulation and drill-downs using touch events, real time market data updates (in lists and charts), as well as video-conferencing (with your financial advisor) and screen synchronization between clients (“simulations” and “what-ifs” collaboration use cases).

Convert Adobe Flash FLA files into HTML

I know I am little bit late on this topic but for those that don’t know of Wallaby. ? “Wallaby” is the codename for an experimental technology that converts the artwork and animation contained in Flash files into HTML. This allows you to reuse and extend the reach of your content to devices that do not support the Flash runtimes. Once these files are converted to HTML, you can edit them with an HTML editing tool, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, or by hand if desired. You can view the output in one of the supported browsers or on an iOS device.