20+ Ways to Extend Your Flash Workspace With JSFL Extensions

The JavaScript Flash API or JSFL lets you write scripts to perform several actions within the Flash environment. The possibilities of using JSFL are endless allowing you to create custom commands, tools, timeline effects, behaviors, etc.

Over the years, many JSFL extensions have surfaced within the Flash community. Below are a collection of 20+ JSFL extensions ranging from audio/lip syncing to tween management to Git/Svn version control. Enjoy!

If you have either developed or know of an awesome JSFL extension that I missed from this list, feel leaving a comment below. Thanks and enjoy!

Automatically Enter at the Desired Frame with FrameAim

This adds a panel that enters the selected graphic at the currently displayed frame. By default, Flash just opens the Graphic to its first frame, regardless of what’s being shown on the main stage. No more!

Auto Flash Class Panel

Class and package names are generated form your library folder structure. With one simple click your library is ready for export.

Citrus Engine Panels

A flash extension to create easily CitrusEngine’s objects.

Ease Caddy

The EaseCaddy panel allows you to store your custom eases and re-apply them. You can save your eases to a file and send them to someone else.

Easy Palette

Easy Palette is a color management system that gives the user a friendlier and more useful way to manage custom palettes by allowing them to name colors to speed identification, save and load custom palettes.

Extend to Longest Layer

Very simple but annoyance-saving command which extends all layers in the timeline to the length of the longest layer. Great if you find yourself pasting audio into a bunch of nested symbols.


This is a handy-dandy animation plug-in similar to Animonger’s AnimSlider, except that it uses frame labels and requires no other setup.

Git Version Control Panel for Flash

Commit FLAs to your Git repo from within Flash.

Icon Publisher

Icon Publisher is a Flash extension panel for publish your icon in different sizes in one click.


This adds the Next Label, Previous Label, and Goto Label commands which allow you to quickly jump to keyframes with specific labels.


The MotionBlur Flash extension takes a (new) motion tween, analyzes the movement, and creates a motion blur.


MotionSketch inserts a command to record a drawing in real-time and create a tween based on that drawing.

Multi Swap

Multi Swap allows you to swap multiple symbols at once, and allows swapping symbols across multiple frames.


This is an extended version of Dave Wolfe’s NewAnimClip which takes care of all the legwork. Just select a section of frames in your timeline, run the command, and that animation will be symbolized in the exact correct place. Basically a fully automated “Pringle”.

Queasy Tools Panel

Queasy Tools is a new set of quick and easy tools for Flash designers and animators. This panel provides the fastest way to create tweened animation with easing in Flash.

Search and Replace

This will search for and replace text in the names of Library items. You can search all Library items or only the selected items.


SmartMouth is a Flash extension that automatically analyzes vocal audio tracks and adds mouth shapes. Your Flash Timeline remains 100% editable, leaving you in full control of your animation.


Flash extension panel for creating website project structure

Subversion Panel for Flash

Commit Flash documents and related files to your Subversion repo right from within Flash.

Swap Instance for Duplicate Symbol

This extension adds a command that will take a selected symbol instance, create a new duplicate in the library, and swap the selected symbol for the newly created duplicate.

Sync To Timeline

This adds a command which syncs a selected symbol to the timeline, regardless of if they’re isolated on their own layers. Really useful for re-timing nested animation.

3D Rotate EZ

3D Rotate EZ is a Flash Panel using which you can create 360 degree object or 3D product rotation, called also ObjectVR.

As you can see, there are a lot of plugins available to play around and those are only the main ones. Feel free to let us know in contact if I missed any !

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