Flash Video Bitrate Calculator

Here’s a scenario: you have a video that needs to be converted and you have an application to convert that video into the popular Flash video(FLV) format. However, most applications will offer a series of options from sample rate, kilobytes per second, video codec, and much more. Where do you even begin?

For this reason, the FLV bitrate calculator was developed. This FLV bitrate calculator was developed by Robert Reinhardt to help you determine the optimal bitrate at which to encode your Flash video files. It is a great way to figure out your settings with some insight on to as they might turn out. Also, let’s say that you’ve now figured out the perfect settings for your project; you can download these settings which can be easily imported into your video conversion application.

Overall, I would highly recommend this tool if your seriously looking to get the best out of your Flash video. This handy tool can be found at the Adobe Flash Developer Center.

Flash video bitrate calculator