Rotate A Banner With These XML Banner Rotators

With the constant birth of bloggers hosting their own blogs, XML banner rotators have become quite popular. Banner rotators are an excellent way to showcase products, featured articles, or anything you feel that needs that extra attention. I have compiled a list of Flash XML banner rotators that can provide an elegant solution to showcasing important news or content. Enjoy!

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1 – 3D & 2D Express Banner Rotator with Video Support

A professional 3D and 2D banner rotator with captions and Thumbnail List which will enhance your webpage.

2 – 3D Transition Effect Banner Rotator

A 3D Flash banner rotator with over 10 3D transitions and many customizable options.

3 – Flash Banner Creator and Rotator

Flash Banner Creator and Rotator

A very advanced tool to create professional looking dynamic Flash banners, slideshows, ads and intros.

4 – Block Slider XML Banner Rotator With YouTube

Block Slider XML Banner Rotator With YouTube by igniteflash

A highly customizable multi media banner rotator updated via xml. Play FLV or Youtube Videos, Play mp3 tracks, great for a musician or band website.

5 – Cube Transform Banner Rotator

Cube Transform Banner Rotator

A customizable Flash banner rotator with a 3D Cube transition effect.

6 – Banner / Slideshow with Smooth Text Animation

Banner / Slideshow with Smooth Text Animation

A Flash banner/slideshow with five image transitions: simple fade-in, move, diagonal fade, radial fade and circular mask.

7 – Free XML Banner Rotator

A highly customizable XML Banner Rotator with more than 35 XML options, including the masking size and speed.

8 – Blades XML Banner Rotator

Blades XML Banner Rotator by CrackerJack

a href=””>

A flexible Flash banner rotator that makes an impression. Easy to customize with several options including 5 unique transitions

9 – Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator

Gotham Narrow XML Banner Rotator

A Flash banner rotator and slider that offers 4 different actions (link, download, enlarge, and play a video), is 100% skin-able through XML , can load every file type you can throw at it (gif, png, swf, jpg), and has multiple navigation modes for further customization

10 – XML Banner Rotator with Thumbs

XML Banner Rotator with Thumbs

A highly customizable XML Banner Rotator which supports thumbnail display for the larger images, at any size defined in the XML.

11 – Plus Banner Rotator

A basic XML driven image and SWF slider with 16 different transitions which can be used within Flash documents or as a stand-alone Flash file within HTML documents.

12 – Banner Rotator FX

A Flash banner rotator with over 100 transitions with a boat load of additional settings.

13 – Sliding Image Gallery XML v2

Sliding Image Gallery XML v2

A dynamic Flash image slider ideal for a product showcase that also comes with WordPress and Joomla plugins.

14 – Showcase XML Product Gallery

Showcase XML Product Gallery

A sliding XML Flash banner rotator.

15 – Smart Banner

Smart Banner

A XML based banner rotator. Its simple design elements and classic animation make it ideal for any project that requires a banner rotator.

16 – 3D Door Effect XML Banner Rotator

Digicrafts 3D Door Effect XML Banner Rotator

A Flash XML banner rotator with a 3D door effect.

17 – XML Banner Rotator v3

XML Banner Rotator v3

A XML driven Flash image banner rotator.

18 – Blinds XML Banner Rotator

19 – XML Accordion Banner Rotator

A XML-driven image/swf rotator and viewer.

20 – 3D Fly Through XML Banner Rotator

A Flash XML banner rotator with a 3D fly through effect.

21 – Banner Rotator 3 Pro

A Flash XML banner rotator.

22 – XML Slide Show with Auto Delay – AS3

A XML Flash slideshow with auto delat and animated captions.

23 – 3D Flip XML Banner Rotator

A Flash XML banner rotator with a 3D flip effect.

24 – Banner Rotator With Auto Delay

A XML banner rotator with automatic delay time depending on the number of words used in caption.

25 – Sliding Banner Rotator Pro

A Flash banner rotator/slider which allows to display you images/swf with very cool sliding effect.

26 – Banner Rotator/Zoom Slideshow

A dynamic XML based slideshow / banner rotator with tons of features and XML configurable parameters.

27 – Sliding XML Banner Rotator

A sliding banner rotator with XML supported.

28 – Basic XML Banner Rotator

Display your images in a gorgeous and simple XML Banner Rotator, with a minimalist design and a simple slide effect between images.

29 – Horizontal Image Banner Rotator with Thumbs

A XML banner rotator is easily resizable and customizable from XML.

30 – Image Banner Rotator with Thumbs

Looking for more banner rotators?

Check out a growing  collection of the web’s coolest banner rotators and sliders!

Flash Countdown Timer

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a timer in Adobe Flash that will count down the time to a given date in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. If you were looking for a great Flash tool for counting down holidays, birthdays, etc, this is the tutorial for you.

Also, this Flash countdown timer tutorial allows you to preset any day of your choice with in AS2 and AS3. Have fun!

Create the Flash Countdown Timer in AS2

This tutorial will go over the basics on constructing a Flash countdown timer within Actionscript 2.0.

Step 1: Create a dynamic text field with the string value of “00:00:00:00″. Note:this is simply to get the text field to the size needed for the dynamic content.

Step 2: Delete the string value of text field and name the text field “time_txt”.

Step 3: Create a new layer named “actions” and insert the following code in the first keyframe:

Source File: REMOVED

Update: Based on your feedback on this tutorial, I decided to create a hassle free CountdownTimer AS3 class that will assist in creating your very own flash countdown timer. Learn how to create a Flash Countdown in AS3 using this class.

//onEnterFrame allows for a function to be called every tick
this.onEnterFrame = function()
	//Stores the current date
	var today:Date = new Date();
	//Stores the Current Year
	var currentYear = today.getFullYear();
	//Stores the Current Time
	var currentTime = today.getTime();
	//Creates and stores the target date
	var targetDate:Date = new Date(currentYear,11,25);
	var targetTime = targetDate.getTime();
	//Determines how much time is left.  Note: Leaves time in milliseconds
	var timeLeft = targetTime - currentTime;
	var sec = Math.floor(timeLeft/1000);
	var min = Math.floor(sec/60);
	var hours = Math.floor(min/60);
	var days = Math.floor(hours/24);
	//Takes results of var remaining value.  Also converts "sec" into a string
	sec = String(sec % 60);
	//Once a string, you can check the values length and see whether it has been reduced below 2.
	//If so, add a "0" for visual purposes.
	if(sec.length < 2){
		sec = "0" + sec;
	min = String(min % 60);
	if(min.length < 2){
		min = "0" + min;
	hours = String(hours % 24);
	if(hours.length < 2){
		hours = "0" + hours;
	days = String(days);

	if(timeLeft > 0 ){
		//Joins all values into one string value
		var counter:String = days + ":" + hours + ":" + min + ":" + sec;
		time_txt.text = counter;
		trace("TIME'S UP");
        var newTime:String = "00:00:00:00";
        time_txt.text = newTime;
        delete (this.onEnterFrame);