FlashEff 2: Still The Most Innovative Flash Animation Tool

FlashEff 2

Recently, the second version of FlashEff was released and once again my mouth drops in awwh! Personally, there is no other tool available that can provide an instant boost in your Flash project workflow than FlashEff when it comes to custom animation/effects. Learn more about second version of FlashEff.

Debugging Your Flash Applications With De MonsterDebugger

De MonsterDebugger

Debugging your Flash applications can take some getting used to.  Especially, if you’ve never used a debugger before. Having the right tool to aid in debugging your Flash Applications can save a boat load of time.  Also when debugging, the debugging tool used should provide easy access to your ActionScript data with little of a learning curve. An innovative debugging tool that I have been pretty fond of lately has been De MonsterDebugger.

Rotate A Banner With These XML Banner Rotators

Blades XML Banner Rotator by CrackerJack

With the constant birth of bloggers hosting their own blogs, XML banner rotators have become quite popular.  Banner rotators are an excellent way to showcase products, featured articles, or anything you feel that needs that extra attention.  I have compiled a list of Flash XML banner rotators that can provide an elegant solution to showcasing important news or content.  Enjoy!