What Do You Consider Yourself to Be?

Where do you fit in the whole scheme of things surrounding Adobe Flash, Flex, and AIR?  With all the new terms popping up in the community, how do we really know what’s what or is.

Personally, I’ve been a big fan of staying up to date on all the hot topics surrounding the industry.  However, I will be the first to admit that when Flex was first introduced, I did not know what exactly to come of  it and how it was going to affect me as an existing Flash user.

Adobe Flash Platform

Through my experiences, I realized that Flex represented at least a couple of things: a really slick ActionScript editor and a Framework that uses ActionScript at its core.  Evening knowing this, I still was a little confused the more and more I heard what the community had to say about Flex on how they use it and what it is.  Then recently, Adobe cleared most of it up for by introducing yet another term: ” The Adobe Flash Platform”.

By definition, the Adobe Flash Platform is an integrated set of technologies surrounded by an established ecosystem of support programs, business partners, and enthusiastic user communities.  In other words, it represents the core that is used everyday in Adobe Flash, Flex, and newbie Catalyst.

This is why I ask the question: What Do You Consider Yourself to Be? (Note: There are no wrong answers.)

Once you answer the question below head over to Lee Brimielow’s latest post: Flash is being redefined.

So what’s your answer?