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Update: Creating a Mini Music Player in AS3

Once again the popularity of an earlier post has caused me to revisit a topic and improve upon a post that had been written over two years ago. The post that I am referring to is on the topic of creating a mini music player in AS3. Simple music players still have a place on the web and I’ve taken the liberty of re-creating an easy to use MP3 player built in AS3.

Introducing the Mini MP3 Player

While creating this MP3 player, I took much of the feedback from its previous implementation into consideration. Based on your feedback, I’ve decided to include the following features into this release.


  • Easily load a new sound into the player at any given time
  • Autoplay supported (defaults to false)
  • Looping supported (defaults to false)
  • Fast forward and rewind the loaded sound
  • Control the volume with supplied volume scrubber
  • Extends CASALib’s CasaMovieClip giving you features like destroy()
  • Fresh UI designed by Ryan Butz that can easily be customized

Implementing the Mini MP3 Player

I have updated the initial post to include how to implement this MP3 player into your Flash projects. Since I know everyone’s version of Flash might not be the same, I’ve taken the liberty of providing legacy versions of the FLA for Flash CS3 and CS4.



Mini MP3 Player Preview


As you integrate this into your projects, I’d love to hear our feedback. However, like always, let’s keep it constructive.


The provided audio loop is a part of the Teru’s Keys Loop freebie pack.  Like it?  Download the whole pack.

2 thoughts on “Update: Creating a Mini Music Player in AS3

  1. Hi, i’ve added this code to a site and i keep getting this error message…
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at SitioCS5_fla::MainTimeline/frame10()
    at flash.display::Sprite/constructChildren()
    at flash.display::Sprite()
    at flash.display::MovieClip()
    at org.casalib.display::CasaMovieClip()
    at src::MiniMp3Player()

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