Understanding Adobe Strobe A Little Bit Better

A few months ago, I was introduced to the concept of Adobe “Strobe” and quite honestly I was a bit confused on the reasoning behind the project. The confusion was built up due to Adobe’s efforts on the Open Video Player project and Strobe project. The two similar projects had intentions on standardizing the market’s video players. So why two?

With the release of new documentation on Adobe “Strobe”, I can now say that the confusion I once had is now gone and I can’t wait for the official release of Adobe “Strobe”. While these two projects are similar, they both serve two different purposes and look to standardize those efforts. Actually, the Open Video Player initiative will aid the development and standardization of the Adobe “Strobe” project as it leverages code from the Akamai’s Open Video Player.

More About Adobe “Strobe”, Now Called Open Source Media Framework

Late last month, Adobe announced that Adobe “Strobe” is going open source and being renamed to Open Source Media Framework. This is great news and indicates the extent of the efforts on this project. Once again, I have to say to thank you to Adobe and its partners for contributing their efforts to a great cause.

So what is the Open Source Media Framework

Now that the confusion is out of the way,let’s talk about what this framework will be able to do. Adobe’s new media player framework simplifies the development of media players by enabling developers to assemble pluggable components, creating high-quality, full-featured playback experiences. Its open framework enables collaborative development for future web video monetization, with lower costs and faster turnaround. To learn more, visit the home of this new Open Source Media Framework.

Features (To name a few):

  • An Open and standard framework
  • An open plug-in architecture
  • Drag and drop component architecture
  • Flash Media Server integration/support
  • Content delivery network integration
  • Skinnable
  • Custom measurement/analytical reporting
  • Many more…

Video: The Adobe Ones Answer Some Questions

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