TxtBlock Flash Component

TxtBlock – A Robust TextField Component

TxtBlock is a robust component that allows to create texts, images, videos and interactive elements using XML or ActionScript 3.0. Is like a “Text Field”, but allows to embed multiple fonts and interactive graphic elements as you wish.

The layout of contents in multimedia applications developed in Flash that include text has always been cumbersome and limited, now TxtBlock will help to give life to those contents trough of a good list of features, which allow combine text, images and videos in a way extremely easy and simple.

TxtBlock Beautiful Paragraphs
Layout your paragraphs smarter

TxtBlock can be integrated into any project developed with ActionScript 3.0, whether templates or components were required to display texts or other type of content. It’s very flexible, resizable and the best of all is totally customizable.

One of the features worth highlighting is that TxtBlock works based on styles configured via XML , providing a large amount of customization possibilities to the users without necessarily having to compile the application.

TxtBlock Media Integration
Display Videos, SWFs, and Images


  • Full customization.
  • based OOP .
  • Customizable ScrollBar.
  • MouseWheel support.
  • Video visualization using VPlayer.
  • Image visualization using SideCutSlider.
  • SWFs visualization.
  • Custom components visualization. Users can add their own components as extra elements.
  • Data Management via component properties or XML .
  • Style Sheet Management via XML .
  • Text Fonts fully customizable and independent from the component.
  • Resizable
  • Only 33kb.