Tweensy: There’s A New AS3 Tweening Engine In Town

As of late, the creation of AS3 tween engines have been very popular and active with the latest on being gTween.  Now it’s time to turn the spotlight to a new speedy tween engine called Tweensy.

What is Tweensy?

Tweensy is an extremely efficient Actionscript 3 property tweener.  Tweensy offers 2 versions of it’s tween engine: TweensyZero and TweensyOriginal.  TweensyOriginal is a fully featured Object property tweener it is extremely efficient and is intended for everyday use. TweensyZero is a light weight version of TweensyOriginal this product is intended for users who are file size conscious.

The big plus behind Tweensy besides being efficient is the extras it supplies.   The extras that Tweensy contains are classes which help you to do complicated animations in a very easy manner.   These tweens include Matrix transformations around a registration point.   As well ColorMatrixFilter effects such as brightness, contrast, colorize and threshold.

Tweensy also contains an expansion package called Tweensy FX which allows for motion effects to be applied onto DisplayObjects.  This includes directional motion blurring, pixelation, xray, bulge/dent displacements, reflection, rgb channel splitting and bump mapping.

Overall, Tweensy looks very promising and I can’t wait to jump into it.

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2 thoughts on “Tweensy: There’s A New AS3 Tweening Engine In Town

  1. Awesome .. as you said: looks very promising!
    Let’s wait and see the next updates, hope it can reach the TweenMax features without losing performance!

    • With the collaboration of many Tween Engines as of late, I am curious to see where other tween engines like Tweensy will end up.

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