TweenMax: A Very Powerful, Lightweight, & Robust Tween built with AS3

TweenMax builds on top of the TweenLite core class and its big brother TweenFilterLite, to round out the tweening family with popular (though not essential) features like bezier tweening, pause/resume capabilities, easier sequencing, hex color tweening, and more.

TweenMax can simply do anything TweenLite and TweenFilterLite can do plus more. TweenMax also introduces an innovative feature called “bezierThrough” that allows you to define points through which you want the bezier curve to travel.

This is simply a great upgrade to the existing model and I can’t wait to personally try it out. If you’re curious to see this in action check out the two examples below as they will demonstrate the new feature “bezierThrough” and color filtering. Check it out!

Bezier Through

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”510″ width=”500″ /]

Color Filtering

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”458″ width=”500″ /]