Smart SWF Optimization with Custom Framerates

Over the years, the Flash Player has received such a bad rep for hogging computer system resources even while displaying static content. There were many times in which I would wonder “What the heck is Flash processing?”. As for Flash Developers/Designers, there was only so much we can do to optimize the SWF via runtime. That was then, this is now!

Exporting Flash As A Quicktime Movie

Flash Quicktime Export Settings

Since the release of Flash CS3, a new feature called QuickTime export was introduced. QuickTime export allows you to export Actionscript driven or timeline animations into a QuickTime movie file. One key advantage of exporting Flash as a QuickTime movie is the ability to playback your heavy animations as fluid as possible with no skipped frames.

Begin Learning Flash in a Flash

“Flash in a flash” is a series of training videos that John Schuman of Adobe designed to get you going with Adobe Flash CS3—in a flash.   This series of training video takes you through the creation of a Flash project as you learn the fundamentals of working with Flash including working with symbols, creating and controlling animations, adding audio, creating buttons, and video.