Taking Advantage of the Flash Project Panel in Flash CS4

Prior to Flash CS4, using Flash’s project panel to manage your project files was a bit of pain to work with. For those who have used it before, I am sure you have felt that same pain.

With the acquisition of Grant Skinner’s gProject Panel, Flash CS4 now provides a much improved project panel. When managing multiple projects, the new Flash project panel allows you to do so much more quickly and easily.

The new Project panel helps you do the following:

  • Create, manage, and visualize projects
  • Switch between project folders quickly
  • Open files for editing
  • Create files and folders
  • Test and publish project files
  • Bind external resources to your project

Working with the Project panel in Flash

Flash Project PanelDan Carr recently wrote an article which provides an overview of the Project panel in Flash CS4 Professional and includes a tutorial to help you begin using the tool quickly. The tutorial guides you through the creation of a photo gallery slideshow project from a series of supplied assets.

It is definitely worth the read if you’ve never used the Flash project panel before. Even if you have, this article provides some handy tips and tricks on enhancing the use of the Flash Project panel.

Free Update to Flash CS4 Project Panel

Grant was kind enough to release an update to the Project panel with new features that will get some very excited.  Learn more about this update!