ActionScript 1:1 – Getting Intimate With ActionScript 3.0

Struggling to get our foot off the ground with getting more intimate with ActionScript 3.0?  Doug Winnie has kicked off a series, ActionScript 1:1, which are designed for animators and designers using Flash CS4 who want to take their work to the next level but need some guidance adding custom interactivity using ActionScript 3.0.

10 Books to Help in Learning AS3

Learning ActionScript 3.0

While not all our paths to learning ActionScript 3.0 are the same, the resources that are provided to us are.   Some like taking that direct dive into it and learn from their mistakes.  Others would prefer to learn through someone else’s following.  I have compiled a list of the 10 books that may possibly help you learn and/or expand your knowledge of  ActionScript 3.0.

21+ Flash Shopping Cart Templates

It seems that now a days everyone seems to be selling something whether it is a product or service.  There are so many ways one can set up to sell their products through an online shopping cart, however, many of these options don’t offer much room for personalization.  Here are over 21 examples of Flash shopping carts that’ll allow for such personalization.  Enjoy!