Understanding Adobe Strobe A Little Bit Better

With the release of new documentation on Adobe “Strobe”, I can now say that the confusion I once had is now gone and I can’t wait for the official release of Adobe “Strobe”. While these two projects are similar, they both serve two different purposes and look to standardize those efforts. Actually, the Open Video Player initiative actually will actually aid the development and standardization of the Adobe “Strobe” project as it leverages code from the Akamai’s Open Video Player.

Adobe Strobe: A Unified Effort To “Standardize” Media Players

In today’s media player development, every attempt to create a personalized media player has resulted in multiple flavors of multiple media players.  Complete saturation and non-consistency!  The need for a standardized video framework is in high demand and sorely needed.  Adobe’s attempt is to provide a standard media player framework, code-named Strobe, to enable the creation and delivery of high-quality, monetized video experiences.