Update: Creating a Mini Music Player in AS3

Mini MP3 Player

Once again the popularity of an earlier post has caused he to revisit that topic and improve upon a post that had been written over two years ago. The post that I am referring to is on the topic of creating a mini music player in AS3. Simple music players still have a place on the web and I’ve taken the liberty of re-creating an easy to use MP3 player built in AS3.

Multiple FlairBuilder License Giveaway

Earlier this week, I introduced a new, innovative prototyping tool called FlairBuilder.  I was happy to help Cristian Pascu get the word out about his new application.  If you are one of the many that has downloaded the trial, I’d love to see what type of wireframes you’ve come up with.

After many trial downloads, Cristian and I decided to provide an opportunity to earn yourself a free license of FlairBuilder. Cristian was kind enough to giveaway 5 FlairBuilder licenses to those willing to participate in this contest.