CASA Lib: A Very Useful and Flexible Utility Library


When in the heat of constant application development and tight deadlines, it helps to have a set of go to AS3 libraries that will save you from repetitive everyday code/functionality. Whenever you can shave off minutes of your development time, take advantage of it. There are many AS3 libraries that are simply so priceless when it comes to everyday AS3 development tasks. CASA Lib is no different and personally, this is one of my go to AS3 Libraries.

Adobe Strobe: A Unified Effort To “Standardize” Media Players

In today’s media player development, every attempt to create a personalized media player has resulted in multiple flavors of multiple media players.  Complete saturation and non-consistency!  The need for a standardized video framework is in high demand and sorely needed.  Adobe’s attempt is to provide a standard media player framework, code-named Strobe, to enable the creation and delivery of high-quality, monetized video experiences.