FlashEff Nano: A Faster, Lightweight and More Affordable Version of FlashEff

FlashEff Nano

As the amount of tool sets to create Flash content on mobile devices increases, so will the realization within the Flash community that these applications can not be created with the mindset of desktop development. The guys over at JumpeyeComponents have listened to the community’s interest and feedback to provide a lighter, faster and more affordable version of FlashEff called FlashEff Nano.

FlashEff 2: Still The Most Innovative Flash Animation Tool

FlashEff 2

Recently, the second version of FlashEff was released and once again my mouth drops in awwh! Personally, there is no other tool available that can provide an instant boost in your Flash project workflow than FlashEff when it comes to custom animation/effects. Learn more about second version of FlashEff.