ActionScript 1:1 – Getting Intimate With ActionScript 3.0

Struggling to get our foot off the ground with getting more intimate with ActionScript 3.0?  Doug Winnie has kicked off a series, ActionScript 1:1, which are designed for animators and designers using Flash CS4 who want to take their work to the next level but need some guidance adding custom interactivity using ActionScript 3.0.

Smart SWF Optimization with Custom Framerates

Over the years, the Flash Player has received such a bad rep for hogging computer system resources even while displaying static content. There were many times in which I would wonder “What the heck is Flash processing?”. As for Flash Developers/Designers, there was only so much we can do to optimize the SWF via runtime. That was then, this is now!

Moving From AS2 to AS3: Creating Dynamic Masks

Dynamic mask objects have been key to many Flash project’s success. When it comes to migrating over from AS2 to AS3, you’ll find that things have changed as the method “setMask()” in AS2 is now a property called “mask”.  In this next edition of the Moving From AS2 to AS3 series, I will be comparing the two solutions and offering an efficient solution to creating dynamic masks using AS3.

Playing, Stopping, and Pausing Sounds Using AS3

In a previous tutorial, I demonstrated a simple solution to loading an external sound file. In that example, the mp3 file that had been loaded begins to play automatically. While this might be fine in some cases, you probably would want more control over the sound being imported. For example, being able to stop or pause then play again might be a good place to start.   In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating how to play, stop, and pause sounds using AS3 once you have the sound loaded into Flash.