Playing, Stopping, and Pausing Sounds Using AS3

In a previous tutorial, I demonstrated a simple solution to loading an external sound file. In that example, the mp3 file that had been loaded begins to play automatically. While this might be fine in some cases, you probably would want more control over the sound being imported. For example, being able to stop or pause then play again might be a good place to start.   In this tutorial, I will be demonstrating how to play, stop, and pause sounds using AS3 once you have the sound loaded into Flash.

Filtering XML Data Using AS3

Filtering data XML data using AS2 has to be one of the most sought out features when dealing XML-driven Flash projects. Being able to automatically grab certain relevant information without manually searching each and every XML node and/or attribute.

What if we were given the ability to create filters that will automatically pull the information needed from XML nodes and/or attributes. But wait we can’t do that, right? Right, that is until the birth of ActionScript 3.0.