Adobe Wave: A Wave of Content Right On Your Desktop

At last year’s Max conference, a new Adobe technology called Adobe Wave was revealed that demonstrated how web content publishers could easily publish notification to their user’s desktops. The Adobe Wave client is built on Adobe AIR allowing users to receive near real time notifications of new content, a new social interaction, or another notification that the publisher would like to let you know about.

Debugging Your Flash Applications With De MonsterDebugger

De MonsterDebugger

Debugging your Flash applications can take some getting used to.  Especially, if you’ve never used a debugger before. Having the right tool to aid in debugging your Flash Applications can save a boat load of time.  Also when debugging, the debugging tool used should provide easy access to your ActionScript data with little of a learning curve. An innovative debugging tool that I have been pretty fond of lately has been De MonsterDebugger.

FlairBuilder: An Adobe AIR Based Rapid Prototyping Tool

These days as a designer/developer rapid prototyping has become a key component to getting projects in and out the door much quicker.  To this effect, many prototyping tools have surfaced over the last year or so.  A new rapid prototyping tool, FlairBuilder, created in Adobe AIR has just hit the market and first looks of it look pretty impressive.

AIR iPhone Gets Call Notifications

One big feature of the AIR iPhone is the ability of using Ribbit to make and receive phone calls.  Joe recently added a calling notification feature which makes the use of this app just that much cooler.  When the AIR iPhone is minimized the calling notification window will appear when you receive a incoming call.  Check out this new feature in action!