Sea3D File Format

Sea3D – An All in One 3D File Format For Flash

Sea3D is an all in one file format for open source games. It allows you to easily export a 3D software’s modeling, animation, texture, material, geometry, skeleton (Skin), morph, camera, light, environment and helpers to the Flash Platform.



  • Open-source
  • Export Animation, Texture, Material, Geometry, Skeleton (Skin), Morph, Camera, Lights, Environment and Helpers
  • Procedural files and animation
  • Instance geometry, material and texture
  • Scene Hierarchy
  • Multiple Channels geometry
  • DetailMap, LightMap and BlendTexture
  • Stream Loader Method (Progressive Loader)
  • Sound3D Support
  • Compress ZLib or Deflate
  • Transparent Materials
  • Binary format

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