Rombla: A Full Featured Flash Site Creation Tool

Using Flash to create Flash

Rombla is a full-featured flash-site creation tool. It gives you every tool you’d need to build a simple site in flash, and gives your clients complete control to make their own updates to those simple things like phone numbers and addresses they hate paying you to fix.

It’s a great, innovative tool however, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that this app will remove you from the Flash IDE.  I can see it being used to rapidly create Flash mock-ups.  Check it out for yourself!

2 thoughts on “Rombla: A Full Featured Flash Site Creation Tool

  1. Ah… Need to register.

    Good to see such stuff coming 🙂 May be complex sites development will still stay in Flash and Flex but making small pages could work out 🙂

    Actually cool to see how true RIA is going trough rebirth now 🙂 So many such amazing project and all in browser 🙂

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