PV3DDebug: Debugging Papervision3D Just Got Easier

What is Pv3DDebug?

Do you frequently use Papervision3D?  Well, if you said yes, then I am sure you are aware of the daunting task of debugging your Papervision3D applications.  Now those tasks can easily tackled using a pretty neat tool created by Jason Bejot called PV3DDebug.  PV3DDebug is a debug console to be used with your Papervision3D applications.

PV3DDebug comes equip with many tools like:

  • Displaying all render stats (i.e. Triangles, Render Time, Particles, Filtered Objects, etc.)
  • Displaying system stats (i.e. FPS, Average FPS, Current Memory Use, Max Memory Use, Run Time, etc.)
  • Displaying camera properties
  • Allowing you to switch between multiple cameras
  • Allowing you to adjust camera properties
  • Ability to turn on/off individual stat windows

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