Put Your Papervision3D Skills to The Test

Papervision3D is presenting an opportunity that will allow all Papervision3D users the ability to put their skills to the test.  It is called PaperKing3D.  The only really restriction of this contest is that it needs to involve the Papervision3D engine and the project must be open-source.

If you are able to convince the judges that your work is among the best not only will you impress the developers of Papervision3D and its community, but there will also be prizes for 1st and 2nd place winners.

Winner of 1st place will receive an Adobe Creative Suite Master collection. Creative Suite Banner

The 2nd place winner will receive a copy of FDT Enterprise Edition.
FDT Logo

These prizes should definitely drive the competitiveness of this competition through the roof.  The deadline for the PaperKing3D Competition is August 15th, 2008.  To enter a submission, email a zipped file to pv3dcontest_at_gmail_dot_com.