PhotoFlip 3D CS: Build Real Time 3D Cover Flow Effects

Since the surfacing of Apple’s CoverFlow, many of us have tried to mimic this very sleek effect within our Flash projects.  There are many successful attempts at accomplishing this effect of visually viewing of files.  However, I have to admit the ever so popular “CoverFlow effect” just isn’t as hot as it used to be.  Hopefully, a newly designed Flash component called PhotoFlip 3D CS can ignite that withering flame.

What is PhotoFlip 3D CS?

The guys over at Digicrafts provided a new twist to the “CoverFlow effect” in their new component, PhotoFlip 3D CS.  PhotoFlip 3D CS allows you to build a real time 3D coverflow effect without the need of much ActionScripting knowledge.  The other sweet thing about PhotoFlip 3D CS is that the “3D” look and feel is created on the fly without the need of a third party 3D application.

Includes a user friendly component inspector interface

Features of PhotoFlip 3D CS Include:

  • 3D cover flow effect
  • 3D popup effect
  • Fully customize texture for each item (top, bottom, left, right back)
  • Full startup animation
  • Touch scroll control
  • Setup menu by XML
  • Customize link on each item
  • Full API support

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  1. As interesting as this is, there is no support, and the forums have been deleted. I am just simply trying to add links in the xml but it is not working at all. Thumbs down!

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