Now Boarding: Playing Games On AIR Gets A New Face

With Adobe AIR picking up steam, there are certainly some great applications available however, the few attempts at creating effective mulit-platform games on AIR has been somewhat of non-existent. That is until a new innovative game called Now Boarding was created.

Now Boarding will consume you “valuable time” and you’ll love every minute of it.  I was blown away at the whole user experience as you nurture this ailing Airport.  Through all the panicking of not wanting to fail, this game really grows onto you.  I’d give it two thumbs up.

However, like I mentioned Adobe AIR is growing and in order to get the full experience of Now Boarding – you would have to purchase an activation for a small fee of S16.99.  I know this is not what people like to hear, but the truth is Adobe AIR will soon enter a waive of quality of commercial applications.  It is potentially a huge market and if the quality meets its price I think it will be great for Adobe AIR’s fan base.

I am excited see how Now Boarding raising the bar will effect the future of Adobe Air and gaming.  How do you see this affecting the future of Adobe AIR applications?

Now Boarding: The Backstory

The employees of Airways Airlines are an interesting bunch.  Their airport is going to be closed if they don’t get some help quick.  Take charge and get the airport running smooth.  Be responsible for delivering all passengers and keep them happy.

But you’re not alone – employees will be working along side you.  Lead your team and help them learn skills.  Renovate and make the terminal look fantastic.  Grow and expand across the country!

Now Boarding Trailer

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