Export Sprite Sheet From Flash

News Flash Weekly # 8: Exporting Sprite Sheets From Flash

Exporting Sprite Sheets From Flash

The concept/use of sprite sheets in the gaming industry is such a common technique.  It is a technique that cannot be left out of your nifty toolbox.  At the most recent  Flash on the Beach, Adobe demoed an exciting new feature that allows you to export sprite sheets from your library MovieClips. This will be extremely useful for game developers and for anyone doing mobile development.

Check out this sneak peek video create by Lee Brimelow on export sprite sheets from a future release of Flash.

Stage3D CoverflowStage3D Cover Flow

The magic of Stage3D appears to be an ongoing affair throughout the Flash community.  The most recent sighting is a cover flow created using Alternativa3D and Stage3D.  The performance on this guy is awesome!

Check it out for yourself.

Adobe Flash “Speed” Feature

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the “Speed” feature in Adobe Flash. If you use the Bone tool (Inverse Kinematics) you may find this hidden gem useful.  Enjoy!

Reach the Final Frontier with Circ and Flash Builder

Circ, available for Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS, is so simple in its gameplay but challenging at the same time—players navigate their spaceships collecting stars and points, while escaping from planets and stars trying to pull the ship away from its course.

It’s the kind of game that’s perfect for passing the time between train stops or even just for a quiet few minutes at home. Learn more!

Check out the official trailer!