News Flash Weekly #7: Rapidly Develop Interactive 3D Flash Content Using Proscenium

Proscenium Review 1 Released on Labs

“Proscenium” (codename)  is an ActionScript 3 code library built on top of the Flash Platform Stage3D APIs that allows for rapid development of interactive 3D content.   It is being released to encourage easy experimentation with 3D content in Flash, and to garner feedback on the API design.

Download Proscenium

Enabling the Flash Debug Player on Chrome

Have you ever tried to debug your Flash content from within Chrome only to find out that Chrome thinks you don’t have the correct version of the Flash player.  I am sure most developers have come across this at some point.  Mims H Wright was nice enough(or forced to) provide a nice problem/solution to this issue.  Be sure to say thanks!

Starling Particle EffectsParticle Editor for Starling Framework

Check out this in-browser particle editor for the Starling 2D Framework for Flash Player 11. Export your particle effect as a Starling particle extension and embed them into your Starling projects as usual.

Preloading TLF runtime shared libraries in Flash CS5.5

Adobe Flash Professional CS5 introduced a new type of text field to Flash called TLF text. TLF text has several advantages over Classic text, such as advanced formatting options, better font compression and rendering, and support for complexly formatted languages. In order to support TLF text, Adobe Flash Player was updated to change how it loads the related runtime shared libraries (RSLs) and the content you define in the SWF file.

In this article, you’ll learn about the changes to Flash Player and the best options for publishing files containing TLF text.

Simple Stage3D Benchmark

Flash 11?s new Stage3D API gives us hardware-accelerated 3D graphics, which is a major jump forward for Flash-based games and simulations. Along with this comes some added responsibility: we must now care about our users’ graphics cards. Today’s article features a simple benchmarking application that you can run to get a basic idea of how Stage3D is performing on a certain computer.