News Flash Weekly # 6: Whack – A Starling Creation

Whack! – A Starling Creation

The  Starling framework has brought about so much buzz since last week’s Adobe Max.  News surrounding the 2D Flash API now involves a neat game created called Whack!  Check out the game and there is also a great article on the ADC about how Whack! was put together.

If you’d like to learn how to use Starling to build a hardware accelerated 2D game in Flash, download the source from GitHub.

Gamegoo Improves Web Based Gaming with Adobe Flash Player 11

One of Gamegoo’s games, Qi-Xiong Hegemony, was developed with Flash Player 11 and has been a huge success China. Since it was released, it has brought in more than $780,000 each day and is now one of the top seven online games in China. To learn more about how Gamegoo used Adobe technologies to enhance the Web-based gaming experience, read more here.

The End for Adobe’s Multi-Screen Strategy?

The End for Adobe’s Multi-Screen Strategy? – This is a question that Tim Siglin asks in his recent article on the sudden death of the HP TouchPad and WebOS. Check out this response by Stefan Richter to Tim’s article.

Five Lies They Tell You in Software

The following are 5 things I wish someone had told me back in January of 2000.

Stage3D Max ’11 Sessions and Keynotes

For those of you guys who may have missed some of the Stage3D (Molehill) sessions at Adobe Max, Thibault Imbert has gathered them in his latest post.