New Tool On The Block: VectorVision

Mark Barcinski & Adrien Jeanjean from have released VectorVision, a very cool extension to draw crisp vector SVG graphics and vector fonts directly from PV3D, with minimum pixelation. Check out an example created with this new tool.

Download the source code and witness it for yourself!

2 thoughts on “New Tool On The Block: VectorVision

  1. I’m pretty excited about this; I’ve been working with FIVe3D (which is where Barcinski and Jeanjean got the vector font classes) for quite some time but it’s been missing some of the features of PV3D. To see both libraries combined really warms my little heart.

    I’ve also got a comparison of the two here if anyone’s interested.

  2. Hey Zack, thanks for the example as I will be sure to update this post with it. Also, I’ve stumbled upon your site a few times and noticed the examples of FIVe3D you’ve created. Pretty neat! I’ve been trying to get my feet wet with FIVe3D. No luck, but I will soon.

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