10 Examples Using The New Google Maps API For Flash


Until now Google Maps via the Flash platform hasn’t been available unless you’ve been using the the UMAP component from AFComponents. As you may have heard, Google has opened up its API to the Flash and Flex community. This is huge as it offers more possibilities for Rich Interactive Applications and Google Maps. To find more info on Google Maps for Flash, check out Google’s official blog.

Check out the these examples using the new Google Maps for Flash API:

Video Sync Map
A map pans and updates while a synchronized video shows footage from the city highlighted on the map.

flip map Photo Flip Map
Locations in Las Vegas are plotted on the map with a small photo showing up inline; the view can be “flipped” to show a larger photo without the map.

Local Searcher
Displays a Flex UI with ComboBox, Button, and TextField that are used to perform a local search with the AJAX Local Search API.

campus map

Custom Campus Map
Creates a custom map by extending TileLayerBase to load in USC image tiles.

Form Geocoding
Shows how to take a user-entered address from a Flex TextField, geocode it, and display the result as a map marker.

control options
Control Options
Shows how to customize the display of MapTypeControl and OverviewMapControl using their associated options classes.

draggable marker
Draggable Marker
Shows how to create a draggable marker and respond to its dragstart and dragend events.

custom tiles map
Custom Tiles Map
Creates a custom map that displays tiles that are actually Sprites displaying information about the tile x/y/z.

texture zoom
TextualZoom Control
Shows how to extend ControlBase to create a custom control with buttons for zooming in and zooming out.

encodded polyline
Encoded Polyline
Shows how to create a Polyline from an encoded points and encoded levels string.

You can check the rest of the demos at the Google Maps API for Flash Demo Gallery.

Here’s a Quick Question:
Who will build the first feature-rich Google Maps AIR application? I’d love to see one or two!

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  1. Quentin


    Google Maps for Flash doesn’t work in AIR yet!

  2. Charlie Szymanski


    Sadly, no one can build an AIR application at the moment. The API does not support AIR for both legal and technical reasons according to Google.

    If AIR support is important to you, please star this feature request: http://code.google.com/p/gmaps-api-issues/issues/detail?id=322&colspec=ID%20Type%20Status%20Priority%20Introduced%20Fixed%20Summary&start=200

    hopefully Google will move quickly to add support.

  3. Angel


    That’s a shame because I can see a huge potential with Google Maps and AIR.

  4. Tomas Sancio


    Just read this post now that Google has been supporting AIR for some time. Thanks for the examples!