New Exciting Features Added to GTween

Grant Skinner is continually finding innovative ways to revamp his highly talked about GTween AS3 Tween Library.  Not only has it proven to be lightweight and feature-rich, it is crossing into territories unheard of when compared to other popular tween libraries.

Three new features were recently added with the release of beta 5 and I have to say that they are mighty awesome.

GTween Timeline

GTween Timeline lets you easily build a virtual timeline of tweens, actions and labels, then control the whole thing as though it’s a single tween. You can even nest timelines inside each other, just like on the Flash timeline. You can repeat, reflect, reverse, pause, play, and jump to any point in your timeline, just like with any tween.  Check out the demo!

Synchronized Timeline Animations

This lets you ensure that animations will remain synced even if you change the frame rate of your FLA or if you pause, reverse, repeat, or otherwise manipulate your tweens. Check out the demo!


GTweeny is GTween’s lightweight younger sibling. It strips a lot of the secondary features of GTween  like proxy, timing modes, etc in favor of smaller file size.

You can check out additional demos and learn more about of GTween beta 5 at it’s home page.