Moving From Flash AS2 to Flash AS3: Drag and Drop

Creating drag and drop functionality in is Actionscript 3.0 quite different than in older versions. While still relatively straightforward, it can still be a little odd to those not really familiar with the new Actionscript 3.0 structure.

Drag and drop is a functionality that many Flash users, beginners and advanced, will learn to appreciate. Greg Lunn has created a perfect tutorial on how to take what you know already with drag and drop and apply it within Actionscript 3.0. See it for yourself.

Example .swf of Greg Lunn’s Tutorial

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”272″ width=”500″ /]

One thought on “Moving From Flash AS2 to Flash AS3: Drag and Drop

  1. I get a “Flash Player 9 Error” when this page loads and when each piece in the example is “dropped”. (seems to work in spite of the error…)?

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