Moderator: Taking Control Over Your WordPress Comments

Maintaining a blog’s comments can be somewhat of a drag with so many worries of spamming and responding to user’s comments in a timely fashion.  If only someone created a desktop application that allows blog owners to modify their blog’s comments easily.

Introducing Moderator…

Daniel Dura, a platform evangelist at Adobe, recently released his very useful AIR application called Moderator.  Moderator allows WordPess users to modify their comments from the convenience of their desktop.

With the installation of a WordPress plugin and AIR application, Moderator will change the way you feel about moderating your blog’s comments.  (Hopefully)  If not, it is still one of the better AIR applications out there.

Some of the features include:

  • Viewing un-moderated comments.
  • Dock and system tray notifications of the number of unmoderated comments.
  • Accept, delete, and spam comments from within the desktop client.
  • Close application window, or minimize it to the system tray while running.
  • Shows the Gravatar icons for the user who posted the comment.

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