Integrating a Kuler Panel Within Flash CS3/4

As many have come to know, Kuler is a great color theme-sharing tool released by Adobe. It started out as a web-based application that enabled users to create, save, and download community-created color themes.   This community wave led to the creation of many Kuler tools like: Mac OS X Dashboard widget, Kuler Desktop, and now comes the Kuler Panel.

Integrating Kuler Within Flash CS3/4

Ben Pritchard’s contribution to the Flash community is the Kuler Panel for Flash CS3/4.  Integrating the Kuler panel with Flash is as simple as installing the Flash extension.   Access all of the community-created color themes or harmonies directly right through Flash.

With the release of Flash CS4, Adobe has integrated its own version of a Kuler panel.  Installing this version of the Kuler Panel will not effect the built in panel and infact they can be used together.  Kuler users will find these tools very handy.


If you are as cusious as I was to see how Ben built this panel check out his article on Adobe Developer’s Connection.

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