GTween: There’s a New AS3 Tweening Engine in Town

Grant Skinner continues to keep himself pretty busy as he announces the creation of gtween, a new tweening engine for AS3 developers.  Unlike many of the tweening engines availables to AS3 developers, this new tweening engine comes equipped with an impresive set of features like:

Developer Oriented

gTween is built for ActionScript 3 developers from the ground up. It uses a more conventional instance-oriented model, rather than a static interface.

Proxy Tweening

gTween provides a unique proxy property that allows you to work with tween destination values the same way you would work with them on the target object.

Interrupting Tweens

With gTween, you can modify your tween while it is playing, and it will attempt to accommodate those changes.

Sequencing Tweens

gTween provides three features to allow for sequencing multiple tweens: child tweens, delay, and nextTween.

Timing Modes

Another unique feature of gTween is support for multiple timing modes. You can use the common time based timing, frame based timing, or a hybrid timing model.

Pause All

gTween offers a class level pauseAll property that will pause all tweens, without affecting their per instance paused property.

Robust Events

gTween offers three built in events: an activate event that lets you know when a tween starts running, an init event that fires when the tween finishes delaying and starts tweening, a change event that fires each time the tween updates, and a complete event that fires when it reaches its end.

Resource Management

gTween also uses a couple of strategies to allow unreferenced tweens to be collected when they are no longer needed, while preventing them from being destroyed when they are needed.

Be sure to check out Grant’s blog for more information on gTween.

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