GTween Beta 3 Released

The latest popular ActionScript 3.0 tween engine, gTween, has been updated and released.  gTween beta 3 looks to add support for 3D rotation with smartRotation, rotating in the shortest direction, along with many bugs fixes. You can read the documentation, and download the latest version of gTween by clicking here.

Features to be expected with beta 3 release:

  • Fixed a bug with smart rotation
  • Added rotationProperties static property to specify properties to apply smartRotation to
  • Fixed bug with proxy method calls not returning the return value
  • RoundValues renamed to useSnapping
  • Added snappingProperties static property to specify properties to apply snapping to.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause setSize to be called twice
  • Fixed a problem with copyInitProperties firing too many times
  • Made the data parameter on addProgressPoint optional
  • Changed removeProgressPoint to accept an optional data parameter
  • Rewrote the progress point logic, fixing a problem that would prevent progress point events from firing if more than one progress point was passed in a single tick.
  • Progress points will no longer fire when doing manual positioning, including using position=value, beginning() and end().
  • Made it so that autoHide only applies while tweening alpha.
  • Added a defaultEase static property, which allows you to define the default easing function for all new tweens
  • Made linearEase a public static method
  • Added useSetSize property to allow you to turn off the setSize behaviour if necessary