Grooveshark: Listen to the World’s Music Library!

What is Grooveshark?

Grooveshark is an online service that puts a whole new meaning to peer-to-peer networks when dealing with music.  Grooveshark allows you to upload and stream your music library right in your browser.  If you’re not fond of your personal library, you can simply create playlists from the existing library of music Grooveshark provides.

What is Grooveshark Lite?

Recently, Grooveshark has put a lot of time developing a sweet Flex Application called Grooveshark Lite. Grooveshark Lite allows you to tap into all the music Grooveshark has to offer.  With popular features like a playlist builder, auto-recommendation, and sleek interface, this fancy Flex application has a lot going for it.  Overall, Grooveshark Lite is how Grooveshark separates itself from other similiar services like Last.fmiLike,  SeeqpodPandoraSimplify Media, and MediaMaster.

Overview of Grooveshark Lite’s Features

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3 thoughts on “Grooveshark: Listen to the World’s Music Library!

  1. awesome post! thanks so much for the write, and it’s cool to see the video i spent so much time on making its way out there. 🙂

    we’ve put a lot of work into grooveshark lite, and you’ve no idea how much it means to us for your mention. honestly. if there’s ever absolutely anything i can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ping me: .

    thanks again, and hope to hear from you!


  2. @Ben, the pleasure is all mine. I am simple trying to do my part in the community to get news like this out to the world. Ping you later!

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