Getting Badger to Work For You!

With all the wonderful Adobe AIR Applications available to the community, a good percentage of those lack the use of handy little install badges.  Install badges allow you to create a seamless installation process that installs the needed components for your AIR applications.   Many will say that creating one of these badge was tedious and time consuming.  To answer those cries Grant Skinner and Adobe teamed up to create an Adobe AIR Application called Badger.

What is Badger?

Badger allows you to load a template install badge, configure all of its options, preview it live.   It also takes the pain out of configuring badges by tracking down your application ID, publisher ID, version, and other information.

Badger includes the following features:

  • Rapid configuration: Simply open the AIR file within the Badger application to retrieve information required for the install badge.
  • Visual configuration: Preview the badge and make any necessary changes.
  • Simple cut-and-paste deployment: Export and cut and paste the code to your web page.

Examples of an Install Badge:

Install Badge 1Install Badge 2

Additional Resources:

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