A Simple Papervision Coverflow

Get Into Flow With These Flash Coverflows

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Since the surfacing of Apple’s CoverFlow, many of us have tried to mimic this very sleek effect within our Flash projects.  There are many successful attempts at accomplishing this effect of visually viewing of files. Below you can find many of those attempts.  Enjoy!

Freemium Flash Coverflows

Simple Papervision Coverflow by Charlie

A Simple Papervision Coverflow

Flash 10 Coverflow by Weber Design Labs

Weber Design Labs Coverflow

PictureFlow by Osamwal Design


Picasa ImageFlow by Paul

Picasa Imageflow

Premium Flash Coverflows

PhotoFlip Video by Digicrafts

Digicrafts PhotoFlip Video

Cover Flow FX by FlashXML

FlashXML Cover Flow FX

IgalleryX: Full Media Interactive by RimV

IgalleryX: Full Media Interactive

Coverflow Scrollbar Component by Flabell

Flabell Coverflow Scrollbar Component

PhotoFlip 3D CS AS3 by Digicrafts

Digicrafts PhotoFlip 3D CS AS3

photoFlow by Flashloaded

Flashloaded photoflow

IgalleryX: Photo Stack Gallery v2 by RimV

IgalleryX: Photo Stack Gallery v2

coverFlip3D by FlashFramer

FlashFramer coverFlip3D

Papervision3D Cover Flow by FWDesign

FWDesign Papervision3D Cover Flow

3D Image Flow Menu 01 AS3 by Oxylus

Oxylus 3D Image Flow Menu 01 AS3

Majestic 3D Cover Flow by FWDesign

FWDesign Majestic 3D Cover Flow

XML CoverFlow Video Gallery by sike

Sike XML CoverFlow Video Gallery

IgalleryX: Photo Stack Gallery Mini by RimV

RimV IgalleryX: Photo Stack Gallery Mini

Flash-Tunes by flash-zone

flash-zone Flash-Tunes

XML/CSS Coverflow by rcuela

rcuela XML/CSS Coverflow

XML ImageFlow MP3 Player by sike

sike XML ImageFlow MP3 Player

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