The Future of Flash Speaks ActionScript

Future of Flash Speaks ActionScript

As you might already know, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to posting on Flash Speaks ActionScript. There are so many topics that I would love to go into if time was only permitted. It really did not sit well with me letting FSA go stale.

Write For Us

To keep FSA moving along with fresh content, I am welcoming guest posting here and all topics surrounding the Flash Platform are welcomed. With so many topics currently surrounding Flash, there is so much more to be said on the platform.

If you would like to contribute to the growth of FSA, feel free sending us a line.

Benefits of Guest Posting

FSA has always seen constant growth benefits of guest posting on FSA include:

  • Your article will be featured for our readers to see.
  • Personal exposure through the post Author information box.
  • Instantly viewable to over 800 RSS subscribers.
  • You’ll be giving back to the community.

Suggest a Post Topic

If you’ve got any suggestions on potential topics, feel free to send us a line so we can get to it.

Open Forum

Within the next month or so, I plan on integrating a Q&A forum. I often answer a lot of questions that I am sure will help the next person . However, I know there are a whole lot more questions surrounding the Flash Platform to be asked and in return will require answers to. That is why I feel an integrated forum will prove valuable to current users and search engine straddlers.

Speak Up

We’ve opened up our doors here at Flash Speaks ActionScript and any ideas that you may have that will improve your experience with the Flash Platform.