CASA LIb’s FrameUtil: Extending the Functionality of the Flash Timeline

While the days of timeline manipulation within Flash are very far and few in between, it still provides useful functionality for timeline specific projects.  CASA Lib’s FrameUtil looks to improve how you can interact with the Flash timeline by providing some useful utilities that open up the possibilities of dynamic script integration via runtime.

With the next addition of the CASA Lib series, I introduce to you FrameUtil.

CASALib’s FrameUtil

FrameUtil helps determine the frame number for label positions along with the ability to add and remove frame scripts.

Features Include:

  • Determining the frame number of a specific label
  • Adding script to a specific frame
  • Removing  script from a specific frame

Demonstrating the FrameUtil

CASA Lib's FrameUtil Demo

I took the liberty of creating a Flash example demonstrating adding frame scripts via runtime using CASA Lib’s FrameUtil.

[button style=”download” link=”” color=”silver”]Download[/button]


When used correctly, this can be a very helpful utility as it extends the functionality and possibilities of the Flash timeline.  If you find yourself in Flash timeline, don’t forget to bring CASA Lib’s FrameUtil along. 🙂