Flex 4 Sneek Peek

Ryan Stewart talks to Matt Chotin about the new Thermo design and upcoming additions to the Flex SDK. Then he shows you FXG, a new graphics interchange format supported in Flex 4, code-named “Gumbo”.

If after watching this video gets you all revved up for Flex 4, then, head over and download the latest build of the Flex SDK.

3 thoughts on “Flex 4 Sneek Peek

  1. This looks really exciting, although I have some doubts about the readability of the markup and feel it might get unweildy (just like wpf).

    I quite like keeping the assets in flash and png etc as this makes it easy to change afterwards. I don’t think the designers make the final designs, so are designers going to be able to edit the mxml after the developer has integrated a load of code.

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