Flashloaded Releases 5 New AS3 Flash Components

Flashloaded keeps its selection fresh and updated with 5 new AS3 Flash Components. The Flash component market has recently grown much more competitive and Flashloaded has just added to that. Check them out for yourself.

coloPicker: A Flash Color Picker


A Flash color picker with basic and advanced modes which include HEX, RGB, CMYK and HSV formats as well as a built-in eyedropper tool to select colors from anywhere on the Flash stage. Users can create and save their own color palettes. The developer can create multiple pre-defined custom palettes in an XML file.

Of the five listed within this post, I personally feel this has been long needed as there aren’t any full blown color pickers available in the community. Check it out for yourself!

Key Features:

  • Basic and advanced mode which includes tabs for entering colors in RGB, CMYK and HSV format
  • Users can create and save their own multiple custom palettes for each colorPicker instance
  • Multiple colorPicker instances can be set to use the same choice of user created custom palettes
  • Custom palettes are saved to the users’ workstations using Flash’s Shared Objects
  • define the basic palette color palette and size of the color squares through XML
  • select color from anywhere on the Flash stage with the built-in eyedropper tool

pageFlipper: Magazine-Style Flip Book


PageFlipper is a magazine-style flip book which is commonly used for company brochures, family photo albums or editorial style content. PageFlipper is a XML driven component and is developed with AS3.

Key Features:

  • Click and drag mouse interaction
  • Use Movieclips, external images or SWFs for pages
  • Add pages using XML, Actionscript or the Component Inspector panel
  • Load pages immediately or on demand
  • Add sound effects to page flips
  • Only 14kb

iconbarMenu: Icon Dock Menu


The iconbarMenu allows developers to create a navigation system consisting of docked icons that magnify and move in reaction to the position of the user’s mouse. This menu is very similar to that of the dock within Mac OS X and Rocketdock. Something most people have already seen.

Key Features:

  • Customizable icons
  • Set icon magnification
  • Adjustable animation speed
  • Set space between icons

advancedTree: Skinnable Tree Component

The advancedTree is a fully skinnable tree component which allows advanced Flash developers to display a nested, hierarchy of data in a branching folder structure.

Key Features:

  • Externally updatabale through XML
  • Dynamically add, edit, delete and drag nodes
  • Drag nodes between multiple advancedTree instances
  • Option to allow users to copy nodes between trees
  • Full control over graphics, styles and layout
  • Optional built-in tooltip display

ezFormPro: Flash Forms

ezFormPRO provides you with a quick and easy solution for creating and submitting forms in Flash without having to hassle with coding and scripting. This is perfect for a quick and easy setup for most Flash beginners.

Key Features:

  • Set parameters without editing code
  • E-mail and URL Validation
  • Required fields
  • Auto Thank-you message
  • Choice of e-mail styles

Source: Flashloaded.com