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FlashEff: The Flash Animation Tool

With the high demand for quality Flash content in the market, finding a way to reuse ActionScript and animation styles is key to the success of quicker turnarounds. In my opinion, FlashEff is probably the most mature Flash tool to provide that heavy lifting in Flash projects.

Personally, there is no other tool available that can provide an instant boost in your Flash project work flow than FlashEff when it comes to custom animation/effects. Initially, when FlashEff was first released, I was extremely impressed with the tool.

What is FlashEff?

FlashEff is an easy to use flash component and interactive tool ,created by JumpeyeComponents, that enables high quality transition effects in Adobe Flash. It’s virtually an infinite library of image and text effects that can be used and customized to create professional Flash animations.

Flash art without coding

FlashEff 2.0 has been improved! Now you have over 3000 effects made by our best flash designers, dozens of high-quality symbol and text animation patterns, a new flash button mode and brand new professional filter effects. Once you’ll start using FlashEff, you’ll step into a totally new experience!

Over 3000 FlashEff effects

Over 70+ flash text effects

One of the most impressive things that FlashEff can do is spectacular flash text effects. With 70 flash effect patterns especially developed for TextFields, FlashEff will surely help you create some outstanding flash text animations for your projects!

How does FlashEff affect Flash designers?

FlashEff is a great tool for designers who want to get complex and nice looking animations without the hassle of using the Flash timeline or ActionScript. You can build animations using TextFields, MovieClips, and images that can be very easily updated and modified.

Is FlashEff 2.0 free?

FlashEff 2.0 comes in a free version and a premium version. FlashEff Free Version includes 30 FlashEff Patterns (from a total of over 100 already available). FlashEff Peremium Version removes most of the restrictions provided with the free version and provides access to . Check out what you get within the FlashEff Free and Premium licenses.

Download FlashEff Free Version.

What’s new in FlashEff 2.0

Recently, the second version of FlashEff was released and once again my mouth drops in awwh! FlashEff 2 simply improves upon its previous features like speed, usability, effects, and customizability.

New features that you can expect with the release of FlashEff 2 include:

  • Live Preview
  • Improved filter effects
  • Flash Player 10 features
  • Advanced Copy/Paste
  • Advanced Commands
  • FlashEff 2 Code Component
  • Better TweenLite performance
  • New Button mode
  • Save custom effects

Pattern showcase demo

With over 3000 effects to choose from, how do you even begin.  The guys over at Jumpeye have put together a showcase of some of their most popular FlashEff 2.0. effects. Enjoy!

FlashEff Effects Demo

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