FlashEff 2 Giveaway: Win a Premium Unlimited License

Thanks to the guys over at Jumpeye, I have two premium unlimited licenses(valued at $99) that I will be distributing to two lucky users.  To win a license, be sure to provide a comment stating how FlashEff can be useful to you.  There must be an unlimited amount of ways to integrate FlashEff into your project workflow, let’s hear yours.

Comments entry will be closed next Friday, September 18th.  Users will be notified the following Monday.  Good luck!


Two winners, Nicolas and  Paulo Figueiredo, were selected with the ‘true random’ number generator at random.org and have been notified via email.  Thanks to those that commented.

10 thoughts on “FlashEff 2 Giveaway: Win a Premium Unlimited License

  1. I create a lot of tutorials with video and flash. The text effects in FlashEff keep the viewers engaged and let me express emotion in a very subtle (but powerful) way.

    I love me some FlashEff 🙂

  2. FlashEff would be amazing to have when a project’s budget is a bit smaller than one would want. I’d still be able to spice up the Flash project’s animations without spending too much time tweaking hundreds of keyframes 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I have been and tasked to create several videos for my friends’ wedding. (yes, several couple of friends). And I was really hesitating about if I shall purchase the FlashEff 2 component. Being a pure developer myself, I guess this product is indeed a Savior for me when I want to create some styling effects 🙂

    Being the first to comment here, I really appreciate if I could have the honor to have 1 of the premium unlimited licenses 🙂

    THanks a million!

    • Also I am an interactive developer(actionscript 3 programming), but not a designer. While developing/programming numerous flash applications everyday, I really need something to help me with the design/drawing of the application. With this product, I believe I could create more good flash apps with cool animation effect and functions.


  4. I do alot of flash presentations for our clients where I usually have to customize all of the text animations and build them from scratch. This would save me a ton of time. Thanks

  5. As a flash developer i have to say that FlashEff 2 is by far the best flash animation/effects component around.

    My work envolves a lot of creative work and after a couple of years making advertising banners, I think that I’ve covered (almost) all kinds of transitions and eyecandy effects that i can think of 😉
    The tight timmings avaiable to me prevent me from coding more complex ones.

    Hope I win too 😀

  6. As an interactive developer/animator, I try to stay on the cutting edge of development at all times. My entire job/paycheck is based on making my clients say “how the f*#k did you do that!” As we all know, this is getting tougher and tougher by day and that is where flasheff comes in. This will be used into my work flow in many ways, primarily from wowing the client with prototypes, all the way up to the final gold delivery package. With this product, I am able to set the standard higher than my competitors and hopefully keep my job for longer.

    Joshua W. Van Patter

  7. How can FlashEff be useful to me? How can it not! If I had a copy my speed would increase due to the ease of use to drop in effects like no other. It would also bring my quality up and my projects will come out looking slick and professional.

    Wow. This is really cool, I just spent a few minutes just playing with the demos. I’m going to start trying out this awesomness right now. Got to go. Thanks!

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